English giants Manchester United fired Jose Mourinho last December following the club’s worst ever Premier League start. 

The club detached all its ties with the Portuguese boss, after their 1-3 defeat at Anfield against arch-rivals Liverpool. Though this termination came immediately after this huge loss, the fact is, his team were a long way away from their best on the pitch. Here are the five important reasons that highlight why the ‘Special One’ failed at the Old Trafford.

Poor man management

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Instead of injecting new skills and thrills, Mourinho’s presence at the Old Trafford actually reduced the so-called ‘talents’ possessed by each player. To be honest, the United squad is filled by many world-class players who have extraordinary skills and abilities. Unfortunately, this fact was ignored by Mourinho. Martial, Rashford, Pogba, Shaw, Lindelof, are some of the many players who failed to show their best potential, only because of the ‘outdated’ tactics that Mourinho used during his regime. In the end, United wanted its players not to end up failing in the future, then firing Mourinho became the only solution.

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Ineffective tactics

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Manchester United under Mourinho’s control was the opposite, when most of the teams in the Premier League began a transition towards an entertaining and indulgent style of play. The former Real Madrid and Inter Milan coach implemented slow and uninteresting defensive tactics. As a result, in almost every game, the players looked sluggish and with lack of enthusiasm, both when attacking and defending. Since Mourinho’s arrival, Man Utd’s playing failed to improve. Under Mourinho, it was utter difficult for United to get out from the bind of boring and ineffective tactics.

Freakish selections

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Mourinho’s team selection was almost unthinkable during his end days at Man Utd. One of the biggest example, came from the Manchester United match against Southampton. Against the 19th position team who only scored 10 goals in 13 matches, Mou chose to put up three central defenders. Worse yet, two of the three central defenders were midfielders, who should not have been placed there. Mourinho looked confused in determining the composition of the team in each match. He seemed to not know the best tactics or formations he had to apply to care about his team.

Lack of vision

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Man Utd under Jose Mourinho was in the worst season where each player seemed to have no vision to play at all. Fans easily found out that United players looked very confused, without a plan and run out of ideas while in the field. The formations applied were also not well conceptualized, thus making the Red Devils consistently play poorly in each of their matches. As far as the eyes saw, the English giants failed to show any clarity while playing. Jose Mourinho’s defensive madness, really burdened the mental as well as moral of each player. As long as Mourinho was at the helm of Manchester United, it was difficult to see the team, to play more creative and attractive.

Behind in all aspect

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Man Utd’s performance in the transfer market has been very bad in recent years. The amount of investment spent by MU is also quite alarming. Many of the players Mourinho bought, ended up failing and failed to show the proper performance. United under Jose also looked like a team that does not have the fighting power to win three points against any team, good or bad. Because of lack of creativity and goals, the Red Devils became a team that was no longer frightening. Slowly but surely, MU began to lag behind other teams, on all sides. For this reason, the Manchester United management took the decision regarding Mourinho’s tenure at the Theater Of Dreams.


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