Introducing Meeth Kiran Sangani. An avid sportsman with keen interest in Cricket and play for different clubs in Mumbai under different coaches. Cricket is his passion and he participates in different tournaments representing Shivaji Park Gymkhana Cricket Academy in the U-12 category and also has the dream to start for India in the near future.

We captured his views & moments of Cricket through a short interview: 

1. Which format do you enjoy more in Cricket & Why?

– ODI & T20. Because it is very exciting.

2. Which Competition you follow in Cricket?

– All types of Competitions.

3. What excites you more?

– I am an All Rounder, I enjoy a good inning with the bat & often like to trouble the batsmen with my spin.

4. Which IPL Team are you a fan of and Why?

– Mumbai Indians. I am a Mumbaiite.

5. Your favorite Player or Players?

– Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Shane Warne.

6. According to you who’s the best Team & why?

– India, because all players in India are very talented and play as a team.

7. According to you who’s the best Player & why?

– Virat Kohli, because of his quality batting and consistency.


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