“Now Torres, Iniesta’s in the middle Torres’s trying to find him it’s broken to Fabregas, Now its Iniesta this is it! That’s the Goal! And Spain has surely won the World Cup!”

In Sport, there are moments of greatness, moments that will be etched in our memory forever, 11th July 2010 was one such Moment that glorified Spain and immortalized a man, Andres Iniesta. In what has been an emotional week for Football fans around the world, that saw Iniesta and Buffon end illustrious careers with their respective clubs, it’s almost certain that there are a lot of teary eyes around the world. 

Source: FC Barcelona YouTube

The 34-year old has been instrumental for Barcelona and has played a key role in Barcelona’s “Golden Age” that saw them add 31 Major Club titles to their trophy cabinet at the Camp Nou and on 20th May 2018 a journey came to an end. Andres Iniesta joined Barcelona at the age of 12 and is a graduate of Barcelona’s Infamous La Masia academy Iniesta was very shy and even spoke about missing his family immensely and “cried rivers”. Iniesta quickly progressed through the ranks at Barcelona, in 1999 Former Barcelona player and Manager, Pep Guardiola said to Barca Midfield Maestro Xavi ” You’re going to retire me. This lad [Iniesta] is going to retire us all.” such as the impact Iniesta made even as a 15-year old, he was destined for greatness.

The 2004/05 Season was a breakthrough Season for Iniesta, he made 37 league appearances and missed just one league game. Though he made 25 appearances from the bench he had established himself as one of the most talented Central midfielders in the league. Iniesta had arrived and the 2005/06 Season started off with an unfortunate incident for Barcelona, their midfield stalwart Xavi was injured for the start of the season which meant Iniesta could start more games this season. Though Iniesta finished the season with only 4 goals it was clear to see that Iniesta was Barcelona’s link between defence and attack with such high precision passing.

Source: FC Barcelona YouTube

Iniesta was never a player with lots of goals or pace, he was though blessed with some enormous amount of skill, on the ball Iniesta was like a puppet master, calm and in control pulling all the strings and making his team tick. Iniesta was also heavily praised for his willingness to play any role for the team, during his time at Barca, he played all across midfield and was also deployed as a winger During some games. 

That’s what made him special, his willingness to do anything for the club and always put the name on the front of the shirt above the name on the back of it. A proper team player, yes Barca were blessed with the likes of Messi, Henry, Eto’o, and Suarez in attack but if you look back and see who made these players tick it was Iniesta silently going about his job and always showing perfection. Iniesta has been the catalyst to Barca’s success in the 21st century, 8 La Liga titles, 6 Copa Del Rays, 7 Spanish Super Cups, 4 UEFA Champions League trophies, 3  FIFA Club World Cups and 3 UEFA Super Cups. 


With constant questions regarding his future and countries like Japan, China, and Australia coming into the picture, it’s safe to say that whichever team he would play for would be lucky to have him.

Iniesta has been an inspiration, a brilliant ambassador of the game and most importantly he’s been a good human being, trophies and statistics will eventually be forgotten but his character and personality will always be remembered. Gracias Iniesta!


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