Andy Robertson has in recent times become a key player for Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side and a hero for the KOP, but his journey is nothing short of a fairy tale. The 24-year-old left back has done exceedingly well since gaining a place in the first eleven during the winter and hasn’t looked back ever since. The only thing that’s been more astonishing than his darting runs down the left flank and his pinpoint deliveries into the box has been the path that led him to Merseyside.
From relegation to the champions league final, Andy Robertson has come a long way. Four years ago, he was released by Celtic because they felt he was too small to cope and hence he made the move to an amateur team called Queens Park. Since the team only paid for the players travel expenses, Andrew Robertson had to work outside of football to earn bread for his family and thus became the first footballer to play in champions league final after working in a retail store. As funny as it sounds, life at that point in time was very hard for the Scott and he also took to Twitter to point it out.

In an interview with The Guardian, he says” at Queens park you just got your travel expenses, so I found a job on the tills at Marks and Spencer’s in Glasgow.” He also said that he did odd jobs for the Scottish FA during his time at the club. He reveals that once when Belgium played Scotland in a friendly, he was asked to escort an injured Vincent Kompany to the bench and says he wouldn’t remember it. And five years later, he played a key role in the Liverpool team that knocked Kompany’s Manchester City out of the champions league.

Two years after working in a retail store, Andy Robertson turns up with a majestic display against one of the best, if the not the best teams in Europe. That tackle on Ronaldo to deny him a clear shot on goal sums up the season he’s had in a red shirt. His rise to prominence and his footballing journey shows that with hard work and belief in one’s abilities, you can reap great dividends and his story sets an example to any budding footballer around the world.

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