Australian player Cameron Bancroft who was charged with the act of ball tampering on March 24th, 2018, had used sandpaper to rub against the ball.

The captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner were held responsible for devising this plot. Both of whom are now suspended from international and domestic cricket for a year. Cameron Bancroft has been banned for nine months.

On March 31st, David Warner gave a tearful interview regarding the incident in Sydney.

“I can honestly say I have only wanted to bring glory to my country through playing cricket. In striving to do so I have made the decision which has had the opposite effect and it’s one that I will regret as long as I live.”, he said.

He refused to answer any further questions regarding the details of the incident. “I am here today to accept my responsibility for my part and my involvement for what happened in Cape Town”, Warner said.

“It’s inexcusable, I am deeply sorry. I will do everything I can to earn back the respect of the Australian public.”; Former captain, Steve Smith, announced that he will not appeal his ban. He took to Twitter and wrote,

“I would give anything to have this behind me and be back representing my country. But I meant what I said about taking full responsibility as Captain of the team. I won’t be challenging the sanctions. They’ve been imposed by Cato send a strong message and I have accepted them.”

Cameron Bancroft also confirmed that he will be accepting the ban. The crisis not only damaged Warner’s reputation, it also resulted in him getting dumped by his sponsors and this year’s IPL, losing around 6 million dollars. David Warner, however, is rumored to be planning a one million dollars “tell-all” interview to get back his riches.

Reportedly, this may also be the reason behind is an unwillingness to speak about the incident during his tearful media conference. According to journalist David Penberthy, this is a plan backed by Roxy Jacenko, a famous media personality in Australia. She was seen accompanying Warner’s wife at the conference.

Roxy Jacenko, however, spoke to The Australian on Wednesday and denies any connection with the incident and claims to have attended the press conference only as a friend and for moral support.

“Next I’ll be blamed for providing the sandpaper- that’s about the only thing left,” she told the publication.

“Candice is a dear friend, thus my support, but I am not their PR,” Roxy said.

She also claims that she has nothing to do with any million-dollar interviews contrary to the recent reports of her spearheading one for self-promotion. However, viewers are still skeptical about her motives and have taken to slamming her on social media.

Warner has not made any comment regarding the appeal or the reported future interview.