There are some players who rule the fans without shrillness or voices, but only with time and with the weight of their football. Luka Modric is one of them. 

Luka Modric tells his fans at Madrid through football, using that diminutive stature, and the Madristas do express complicity and love towards their midfielder. The fact is, that his talent is worth a lot, so much, so that on December 3rd, he is favorite receive the Ballon d’Or that states him as the best player of this year, ahead of Varane, Mbappe or Griezmann, the world champions with the French team, or Cristiano Ronaldo, the last winner.


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The Ballon d’Or may surely follow the same path, what had already been announced by ‘The Best’ award granted by FIFA, as there was no one better than Modric in the last 12 months. After the Russia World Cup year, it is difficult to compete against the champions, but the Croatian’s feat of reaching the final match in Russia with his country has been rewarded with individual prizes to regard him as the best player. Modric commanded the team and for journalists around the world of the magazine that gives the most prestigious individual prize, that has had more value than those who won the final.


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The unfounded suspicion was that a French publication made it clear to do everything possible to reward a French footballer, the year they returned to conquer the world championship. Varane, despite being a defender, is one of the favorites; European champion with Madrid, in titles he could compete with Modric; Mbappe is the young promise of French football and one of the players called to lead this team in front; but with PSG he had not won any international title the rest of the year.


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Griezmann also has the hopes with the victory of the World Cup, the victory in the Europa League. And Cristiano Ronaldo dreams of breaking the tie with Messi in Ballon d’Or. With the triumph, Luka Modric may end an era in which the Portuguese and the Argentine forward have reigned in the individual awards because their quality was several heads above the rest. The victory of Real Madrid midfielder opens the door to many players, who have long been waiting to take a step forward.

2018 was a good year for Messi in the Champions League, but the defeat in Rome, without him doing anything to avoid it, took away any possibility. The role of Cristiano Ronaldo was very prominent in the eighth and in the quarters of the Champions League, with that goal of the tournament against Juventus, but his presence in the semifinal and in the final was discreet. Modric is more vibrant than both, though has fewer goals, but occupies far more covers than the two stars. So this year, his class has been recognized above both. 2018, it is the really the ‘Modric’ year.



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