Tue, December 11, 2018
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Chettri signs a contract extension with Bengaluru FC1 min read

Bengaluru FC - Sunil Chettri

In a short span of five years, Bengaluru FC have truly reached a level where not many other Indian clubs have been able to reach over the course of decades. Sunil Chettri has signed a contract extension which keeps him at the club until 2021. After winning the league in their first season, Bengaluru FC went on to win five trophies in five years. Throughout their successful journey, where superstars came and went, one man stayed as the pillar of strength. As the coaches changed, players left and the home ground shifted one thing remained constant – The legacy of Sunil Chettri

Captain Leader Legend as he is so often known has seen the ups and downs of the club. He has enjoyed the good times and fought hard during the bad. He is the kind of captain that are made in dreams. For Bengaluru fans, he means more than what Gerrard meant to Liverpool, what Messi means to Barcelona and what Paul Scholes meant to Manchester United. He is the heart and soul of the club and signing a contract extension means he will probably retire at the club that has given him so many memories, and made him the best in the country. 

Out of the many fans that he has, it’s safe to say that the Bengaluru fans are the best one’s yet. It was really disheartening to see him make that emotional message that went viral on social media where he requested people to support the national team. Yes, there was a massive turnout but it’s highly unlikely that the same fans won’t turn up for the future games. Indian football is in a bad state. As far as club football is concerned, Bengaluru FC are undoubtedly the pioneers of Indian football and with Chettri leading them, nothing seems impossible in a club where the word impossible has no meaning.

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