Marco Ianni has been charged by the FA for Misconduct for trying to humiliate Jose Mourinho.

Marco Ianni, one of Chelsea’s assistant coaches became infamous for clenching and swinging his fist in front of Jose Mourinho after Chelsea’s thrilling 2 – 2 draw with Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. The Italian bolted towards the Tunnel when a furious Jose Mourinho attempted to chase him down causing quite the havoc on the touchline, even causing a disruption in the game as the players got involved. For those of you who don’t know Ianni ran towards Jose Mourinho after Ross Barkley scored an equalizer just seconds before full-time. As Manchester United camp was processing this information, Marco ran in there to put salt on Jose Mourinho’s wound.

Naturally, Social Media erupted post this incident and even though the “Twitteratti” had no idea what exactly went down, many demanded that the Chelsea staff member be sacked immediately while the others believed that knowing Jose Mourinho he definitely instigated Ianni. Details later revealed that it was Ianni who initiated the fight and was even made to apologise to Jose Mourinho. The Manchester United Manager surprisingly reacted in the most mature manner “He apologised to me, I accept his apologies. I think he deserves a second chance.” Mourinho went on to thank Sarri and Chelsea for the way they handled the situation “I want to thank Sarri for his honesty,’ Mourinho said. ‘I want to thank Chelsea for its honesty too.” Surprisingly Mourinho even defended Ianni “I would really like the boy not to go through more than that, let him work. Everybody makes mistakes, I made a lot of mistakes, so I hope they let the kid go on.”

An Official statement from the English FA said: “Chelsea coach Marco Ianni has been charged following the game against Manchester United on Saturday.” It is believed (According to the Daily Mail) that Ianni has till 25th of October to respond the allegations and charge made against him. Furthermore, Marco and Chelsea have violated Premier League rules that clearly state that all clubs must inform the officials with the names of the six backroom staff who will be on the front row of the bench and only these staff members are allowed onto the technical area. Considering Ianni came from several rows back it adds to his Violation.

We are still yet to see what Chelsea and Ianni have to say about the charge and how the situation progresses.

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