Maurizio Sarri has had a brilliant start to his Managerial career at Chelsea, unbeaten in 10 games and counting.

Chelsea have had a knack of changing Managers like they’re clothes in your wardrobe but seem to specifically love Italians. Predecessor Antonio Conte and present manager Maurizio Sarri both coming from Italy. Chelsea have had 6 Italian coaches at the Club over the last 20 years, Gianluca Vialli, Claudio Ranieri, Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Di Matteo, Antonio Conte and now Maurizio Sarri. The love affair with Italian managers doesn’t seem to stop, so let’s see how does the Blues current manager, Maurizio Sarri compare to his predecessor Antonio Conte. We’re going to compare the two managers on the basis of how they Train & set their teams up and how they react in situations of crisis.

The Disciplinarian vs The laid-back tactician

Antonio Conte was a brutal disciplinarian he had intense double Training sessions, with the intensity of these sessions reaching insane levels in Pre-Season, furthermore, Conte controlled almost every aspect of the players’ lives from what they ate to the rigid timetable that they were on. Now, I’m not trying to say that discipline is a bad thing, It resulted in Chelsea winning the title convincingly and taking the Premier League by a storm. But what Conte did seemed to have drained the players out, Physically, Emotionally and Psychologically. On top of this Conte’s authoritarian approach resulted in Chelsea losing Diego Costa, who in my opinion was one of the greatest strikers in the Premier League and also had a reported feud with Brazilian Internationals David Luiz and Willian. The Manager is the boss and he calls the sots but maintaining a cordial relationship with your players and the board needs to be of paramount importance.

Maurizio Sarri is almost the polar opposite, though he’s Italian that’s probably the only thing he has in common with Antonio Conte. Sarri is a hard taskmaster on the training field but believes that his players must most importantly enjoy the game and the results will automatically follow. Sarri is flexible with his training sessions and has postponed the morning sessions to early afternoon so that players with families can spend time with their Children and even drop them to school. It’s little things like this that help the players build cordial relationships with their Managers and automatically gain their respect. Sarri knows that the Players he’s working with are professionals so he doesn’t interfere in their personal time and doesn’t draw out Diet charts for them either, he gives the players the independence to make their decisions. This may make Sarri sound like a laid-back and negligent character but when it comes to Football, he doesn’t compromise, The Italian has a drone flying over the training ground, capturing every moment taking place on Cobham’s pitch. After the sessions he watches the whole footage and makes sure each player knows where and how they can improve.

Antonio Conte vs Maurizio Sarri who’s better in Crisis?

Antonio Conte had just won the Premier League and made the FA Cup final in his first Season and just one month into the Summer, he had a feud with Diego Costa, The Chelsea Board and effectively let the tension get to his Players. Conte is an aggressive ma, he’s expressive and that eventually led to his downfall. Sarri, on the other hand, came in at a time of crisis, He joined the Club just 3 weeks before the start of the Premier League Season, most of his star players were linked to a move away from the Club and his first choice goalkeeper forced a move to Real Madrid just 48 hours before the Transfer Window closed. Sarri didn’t crack, his general demeanor was calm and he never blamed the Board for a lack of Transfers despite wanting a Striker and a Centre-Back. He focused on improving the players he had and that’s what has made him a success his ability to improve players and instill confidence in them with his calm and composed nature.

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