Following Chelsea’s embarrassing 2-0 loss to rivals Arsenal, Maurizio Sarri has lashed out at his players and has questioned their mentality.

Chelsea boss, Maurizio Sarri was immensely critical of his players post their shambolic performance against London rivals Arsenal and the Italian used the post-match press conference as a platform to send his players an important message.

Sarri’s disappointment was so evident that he choose to spoke in Italian so that he could express himself more effectively and the criticism could be dolled out in a more comfortable manner by the former Napoli tactician. An interpreter sat through the press conference and the post-match Interview while Sarri unabashedly ranted on about his players. Here are some of the more shocking revelations from the press conference that is worthy of making the headlines.

Right from the outset, Sarri was extremely aggressive at the press conference and though he conversing in Italian and his words weren’t comprehensible till the interpreter translated them, his anger was visible from his body language. Here’s how he started off

“I am extremely angry. Very angry indeed because this defeat was due to our mentality more than anything else, our mental approach because we played against a team that was far more determined mentally than we were and this is something I can’t accept.” 

Sarri went on to draw comparisons with the Tottenham League game which brought an end to their unbeaten run.  

“It seems to me that as a group of players they are not particularly aggressive from a mental point of view, they don’t have that ferocity in their mentality and that is down to the type of players they are, their characteristics, and it is something that is difficult to change.”

Sarri continued openly criticizing his players and even accepted that his players don’t have the character to fight back, 

“Absolutely. I am aware this is a team that is never going to be well-known for its battling and fighting qualities because those are not the characteristic that we are going to have, but what we need to become is a team that is capable of adapting, so be a team that is capable of suffering for 10 or 15 minutes in a game but then playing our own football.”

A Manager like was known to have a very happy go lucky approach to deal with his players but when it came to his Football approach he was aggressive and immensely intense. Considering ‘Sarriball’ is played at a high tempo and is supposed to be extremely fast and clinical, Chelsea seems to be doing the exact opposite of that. They do keep a large chunk of possession but their passing fizzles out in the final third and considering they don’t have an effective striker to finish the job off in the box the Blues have struggled.

Sarri emphasized how a current player or a player coming in will need to take the responsibility on his shoulders if Chelsea are to turn their Season around. For the longest time it seemed like Eden Hazard was that player for Chelsea but given that he has been played outside his favorite Left-Wing role and has been deployed as a false-nine, he has virtually been ineffective. Chelsea’s overdependency on the Belgian has become toxic and they will need to get someone in to shake up the balance and lift the other players up. 

These comments will not go down well with owner Roman Abramovich given Chelsea’s history with Managers but it is a message that was important to get out there. Whether the proposed Loan move for Gonzalo Higuain will bring a change is still unknown but Chelsea will need to change something and they need to do it fast.  


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