Maurizio Sarri‘s Chelsea has struggled without a consistent Goal scoring Striker, and this problem has led to their recent poor performances.

Chelsea started life under Maurizio Sarri with a string of positive results, the defence was absolutely solid, The midfield was performing very well, and the Forward line was scoring goals, yes yes even shockingly Alvaro Morata was scoring and Olivier Giroud was setting his fellow forwards up. Chelsea was so successful that at one point they were the only unbeaten team in Europe and life at Stamford Bridge was good. But now, the blues are struggling, especially in the final third where Eden Hazard has been their main goal threat, playing as a False nine which isn’t even his best position.

Alvaro Morata has been shambolic, to say the least since his 70 Million pounds move from Real Madrid 18 months ago. It’s safe to say now that Real Madrid got the better deal and though Morata may truly be a very skilful striker who is still young and has bags of potential, it’s time we accept that he isn’t the right fit for Chelsea. His proposed move to Atletico Madrid is the best decision for the player and the Club. 

Now that we’ve spoken about Morata it’s important to speak about Olivier Giroud as well, let me start off by saying that I personally feel that Giroud should start every game for Chelsea at least till their striker problem is resolved. Yes, Giroud isn’t the traditional striker but as a target man he provides so much to the wingers and was Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe’s facilitator at the World Cup. Yes, Giroud won’t have as much of an impact with the likes of Pedro and Willian on the wing and though he would be very beneficial for Eden Hazard it does put a whole lot of pressure on him. All said and done, Giroud would still create a huge amount of chances for the wingers and would definitely be a potent option up front. Giroud is approaching the twilight of his career and Chelsea will need to still look for someone who is an out and out goalscorer. 

Here’s the biggest reason why Chelsea need a striker, their best player has been played out of position and is being wasted. It’s funny how that can be said about N’Golo Kante as well but I’m talking about Eden Hazard here, Hazard is a Winger who’s the best position is on the left, his fundamental strength is his ability to dribble into the box and swiftly cut in to dissect the defence. Being a false nine he will be playing with his back against the defence which nullifies any opportunity for him to exploit his strengths. The sooner Sarri realises this the better it will be for Chelsea. Hazard needs to be played on the Wing and a new striker needs to be brought in, now whether that’s Higuain or not it doesn’t matter all that needs to happen is Chelsea need a Goal scorer and need Hazard on the Wing. Simple. It Isn’t rocket science, Maurizio! 


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