The English Premier League, like any other league of the world, has controversial players, who on many occasions do not let the game flow in its natural course and end up being a headache not only for the clubs but also for the referees. 

We created a list of 5 ill-tempered footballers of the Premier League era, not only for their respective talents but also to create several controversies throughout their football career in English football.

5. Robbie Fowler

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One of the great idols of several generations of Liverpool supporters, striker Robbie Fowler certainly marked his seasons with glory at the club. The English athlete stayed in the club for 13 seasons, with a few passes for clubs like Leeds United, Manchester City and Cardiff City at the end of his career as a player. In 1999, rumors surfaced through English tabloids that said the Liverpool striker was using cocaine. The repercussion certainly irritated the player, who scored a goal in the classic with Everton, made an allusion to the use of the drug in front of the fans of the rival. At the time, Fowler was eventually expelled from the match, received a suspension of 6 matches from the English Federation and had to pay a fine of 32 thousand pounds. Liverpool eventually beat Everton 3-2, with Fowler scoring two goals.

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4. Joey Barton

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England, midfielder Joey Barton accumulated numerous controversies throughout his career. The midfielder was well known in Brazil after harsh criticism of Brazilian defender Thiago Silva and striker Neymar. In a Premier League match, defeated by Manchester City in the last game of the season, Queens Park Rangers footballer Barton ended up being expelled after attacking the Argentine striker Sergio Aguero. Though, after the defeat, Queens Park Rangers ended up staying in the Premier League. Already at the end of his career, Barton became embroiled in his greatest controversy. He confessed to the English Football Federation that he got involved in football betting and was suspended for 18 months and fined £ 30,000. With the suspension, Barton, who had a contract with Burnley, ended up announcing his retirement from football at the age of 34. The former footballer is now a coach and heads Fleetwood Town, which contests the English third division.

3. Roy Keane

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Roy Keane is one of the great idols in Manchester United history and certainly marked his seasons as a Red Devils. With a violent style of acting, Keane was considered an excellent scorer and ended up winning seven Premier League titles for the club, as well as four FA Cups and a Champions League. In 2001, in a derby against Manchester City, the Irish midfielder produced one of the toughest and dirtiest entries in the history of world football. Keane assaulted the then Citizens captain, the Norwegian Alf-Inge Haland. With the injury, Haland had to end his career due to the consequences of the injury. In an interview, Keane said he was not sorry, as he only cashed a hard-hitting entry for Haland the previous season that ended Keane from playing for the rest of the season. At the time, Haland was at Leeds United. During his Premier League run, the Irishman collected 11 red cards and had a public rivalry with French midfielder, Arsenal’s Patrick Vieira.

2. Vinnie Jones

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Vinnie Jones was not known in English football for his talent, but for his violent and intimidating style, which ended up influencing his opponents on the field. The Welsh bad boy was the legitimate watchdog who ended up spending most of his career at Wimbledon, a club now in the third division of English football. He played more than 200 matches for the club, adding 12 expulsions throughout his career. In 1992, the midfielder introduced a controversial video that was named “Soccer’s Hard Men” in which he ends up exalting some very tough moves in the world of football. As a result, he was fined by the English Federation and paid a fine of £ 20,000 and was suspended for six months. In 2003, when the then-player had traded football for the movies, Jones was accused of assaulting a passenger who was on his side on a flight and threatened the crew’s to death. On account of the incident, Jones had to shell out £ 1,1000 and had to provide about 80 hours of community service.

1. Eric Cantona

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The legendary French striker Eric Cantona has charmed the eyes of countless generations of Manchester United fans during his brilliant stint at the club. Despite the brilliance in English football, Cantona was also marked by several controversies which involved his name. In his third season with Manchester United, the Frenchman ended up receiving the biggest punishment of his career. In a match against Crystal Palace in the Premier League, the Manchester United striker ended up hitting a hooligan who was present in the rival with a flying kick. In addition to being expelled from the match, Cantona took a nine-month suspension. With that, he failed to play in the 1998 World Cup, that was won by his country. Upset at not being summoned more because of his behavioral problems, Cantona retired early to the 30 years of age. Several protests were made by French fans against national team coach Aimet Jaquet, but he did not change his decision.



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