Real Madrid and Belgium Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has been quite the blabbermouth since he departed Chelsea for the Santiago Bernabeu this Season for 35 Million Pounds. After days of constant digs at his former Club, the Belgian has come out saying he “Feels Sad’ that Chelsea fans are upset with him. 

Courtois is a World-Class keeper but ever since he has joined the Los Blancos I’m not sure I can say he’s a Good Person. He seems disrespectful and downright arrogant, Here’s what he said a few weeks back upon his arrival at the Bernabeu, “In training, you see that the level is high, I am now experiencing on a daily basis that Sergio Ramos is the best centre-back in the world. The level is higher than at Chelsea” 

(The Santiago Bernabeu) is twice as big (as Stamford Bridge), of course, it’s a very different feeling. If you look forward you only see a wall of people, while at Stamford Bridge you can still see the sky or the hotel behind the grandstand.”

Now what Courtois is saying is true, Real Madrid are a bigger Club than Chelsea but to add this to his “I’ve never kissed any other badge before” it looks pretty bad. Especially considering Cross-town rivals Atletico Madrid and Chelsea developed Courtois and he goes on to continuously make these derogatory statements. 

Courtois left West London in a very disrespectful manner, going AWOL 24 Hours before the Transfer Window closed and forced a move to Madrid despite saying this after Belgium’s World Cup campaign came to a close,  “I will be coming back, for sure, and I will see what they want to do”.

Courtois has the right to be ambitious and he certainly deserves to play at a Club like Real Madrid but the manner in which he left is almost Coutinho-esque and the Belgian may just go down as a “Snake” in the Club’s history, despite being one of the best Goalkeepers at the Club.

Here’s what he had to say in an attempt to bury the hatchet, “I loved playing there and I am happy to have won two Premier Leagues, a league cup, and an FA Cup. Hopefully, it will turn around. I will always look back with a happy feeling to Chelsea. had a chance to go back to Spain to be closer to my kids. That was an important thing for me. I know that a lot of Chelsea fans will understand my decision. I wish them the best and I am happy to see that they have won their first four games and I hope they can go on and win the league.”

As far as initial reactions go, he’s still perceived as a traitor at the Club and the manner in which he left will always make Football fans doubt his Character especially considering that Courtois went AWOL from training at his time with Genk to push for a move to Chelsea. He may go on to become one of the best Goalkeeper’s of all-time but for me and for a good majority of fans, Courtois will never earn my respect back.

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