Cricket is a game of passion, love, energy for a lot of the cricketers, but most of all it is a game of friendships, wherein they create a bond that lasts for a lifetime. As we all know, within team India there are so many relations and friendships that have blossomed and we as fans most certainly cherish them all. However, between on-field rivals, are one of the most interesting friendships. Let us have a look!: 

Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Pieterson

Their friendship is quite a unique one. The duo’s relationship started off by dissing each other. Peterson called Singh a ‘pie-chucker’ and in return, Singh called him a ‘useless batsman’. However, to the credit of the IPL, these two players managed to forge a close bond and started spending more time off-field, eventually leading to a great friendship. Yuvraj mentioned after a test match between India and England in Chennai, that they are certainly engaged in a battle with each other on the field, however, they are close friends off-field. Even Pieterson spoke about Yuvi, calling him a ‘talented cricketer’ and how close he is to Yuvi, guarantying that he would most certainly get better and that they are constantly ‘in touch’. 

Virender Sehwag and Shoaib Akhtar 

As it is well-known to all, cricket matches between India and Pakistan are one of the fiercest and fans invest a lot of their energy screaming and cheering for their side. Naturally, Shehwag and Akhtar are considered on-field arch-rivals. Even when pitched against each other, they are ruthless and both equally great players, leaving a mark in the history of cricket. During matches, they were heated talks and exchanges between the two players leaving less doubt about the fact that they might not be getting along with each other. However, having spent so much of time on the field did leave them with a bond. Getting close to end of their careers, they inched closer and their friendship was revealed to the world to see by Akhtar when he mentioned in an interview before the all-star series that his once biggest enemy Sehwag was now a very close friend. 

Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne

Tendulkar and Warne have always retained their friendship, throughout the course of their matches. They are easily one of the best batting and bowling duos that led the audience to break into applause every time they came on-field, each being supported by their side. When pitched against each other, there were matches worth watching and extremely gripping. They both agree that the other person constantly encourages each other to perform better and are constantly in a competition with one another. Warne has visited Sachin’s house on several occasions and they have spent quality time together. They both deeply respect and cherish one another. 

Anil Kumble and Adam Gilchrist 

They can easily be tagged as having one of the most cordial relationships. Having been pitched against each other on several occasions as not left any negative impact on their relationship with each other. They have both always deeply respected each other and have had a warm relationship. Kumble himself admits that Gilchrist was a very nice and caring guy who constantly went out of his way to look out for people and he has done so on several occasions with the former. 

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