Up until now, RCB has played eight matches, out of which they have lost five. Now a logical human being would naturally come to the assumption that the team has not been performing well, and point out where they went wrong on the field. They might even berate the captain for poor captaincy. However, there are some of those interesting folks whose logic is simply impeccable. They have the ability to go from mild emotional turmoil to rampant superstition in a matter of just seconds.

Anushka Sharma has been a constant presence in all of RCB’s matches, even more so after tying the knot with Virat Kohli in Dec of last year (2017). The power couple has been dating for several years before their marriage and has taken social media by storm by their PDA and romance. Unfortunately, with being in the limelight, there comes a price. Anushka is subjected to constant trolls whenever RCB loses a match.

Tweets all over say stuff like:
“RT if you think #ViratKohli should divorce #AnushkaSharma 11:56 PM – Apr 29, 2018

“Today’s match will prove that Either #Dhoni has got old and his time is over or Anushka Sharma is unlucky for #ViratKohli and he should get divorced. #Cskvsrcb #cskvrcb

Despite Virat Kohli slamming his fans for trolling Anushka for his losses, the passionate sports lovers, with no regard for her feelings, let alone the actress’s busy schedule, insist on playing the blame game. RCB’s loss against CSK on 24th April 2018, triggered a series of trolls blaming Anushka, who was present to support her husband and his team.

The question arises, if Anushka really is “bad luck” for the team, how did RCB win against MI, which she was present for? It would seem that some of us are nothing more than a bunch of superstitious and misogynistic lot who can’t, for even a second, believe that the only people responsible are the ones playing on the field.

It is saddening to see that the love for sports has triggered hatred and abuse instead of bringing in the spirit of sportsmanship within us. Wake up India! Its high time you grow up and start seeing things for what they really are!