Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most marketable commodity in World Football at the moment and Juventus are reaping in the benefits.

Juventus were questioned by a few when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for a 100 Million euros and would go on to pay an additional 130 Million euros in wages across 4 years. Skeptics suggested that investing such large sums of money on a 33-year-old was not an economically feasible idea.

We are five months into the Season and it’s safe to say that all the skeptics have been proven wrong and Ronaldo has reinstated his position as a revenue gold mine. So here’s how Ronaldo has helped Juventus climb up the Financial ladder.

1. Jersey Sales

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It’s no surprise, but Ronaldo jerseys sell like hotcakes. According to the Guardian Juventus sold 520,000 Ronaldo jersey replicas, which helped them recuperate 55 Million euros before Ronaldo even kicked a ball. Another report from Tuttosport reported that by July 2018 the Club had sold out its entire inventory of Ronaldo home and away jerseys. Adidas predicted revenue of 75 Million to flow into the Club by the end of the Season

The more recent numbers with respect to the shirt sale revenue haven’t been released but judging from these numbers Ronaldo is going to bring consistent Revenue to Juventus.

2. Juventus stock has risen considerably since his arrival

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Juve was among the biggest Clubs in Italy and the World even before Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Turin. But ever since his arrival, Juventus has seen its share value increase by approximately 120 Percent. Ronaldo is a commodity that has put them on the World map and has increased the faith of the investors and the fans considerably. Most markets rate Juventus’ value as a Club to be in and around the €1.5 Billion region.

3. Ronaldo’s uncanny ability as a crowd puller

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Economically Ronaldo’s move cost Juventus a lot of Money, a lot more than they are used to spending anyway. To cope with the increased financial pressures the Club’s administration decided to increase the price of tickets and Season tickets by approximately 25-30%. Though the move was a bold one, the crowd continued to come in large numbers. Ronaldo has been attracting crowds irrespective of the situation whether it was during his first friendly when the anticipation to see him play jammed an entire freeway or a tax evasion scam that could potentially destroy his reputation, the crowd always comes in. 

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