Cristiano Ronaldo has vowed to prove to Florentino Perez that there is life after Real Madrid and that, after almost six months of his departure, he is the happiest man in the world. 

The reckless Cristiano Ronaldo has again attacked the figure of Florentino Perez this week where he knows that he can do more damage, the lack of humility. His words in the Italian press have a recipient and, although he avoids pronouncing the name of the president of Real Madrid, they look for the effect of comparing Florentino Perez with Andrea Agnelli, president of his current team.

“Juventus is the best group in which I have played. Here we are a team. In other places, someone feels bigger than the others, but here they are all in the same line. They are humble and want to win.” That other place that lacks humility, according to Cristiano Ronaldo, is Florentino Perez.

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The Real Group

There are those who intend to interpret that it is an attack on his former colleagues and that his relationship with Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Modric or Benzema, to give some examples, is broken or has been broken. This is not where Cristiano’s taunts go. While distance cools relationships, friendship has not been lost. Cristiano Ronaldo has the obsession to prove to his former president that he is happy and is in a winning team. For that, he uses arguments such as “this is a family” that can be interpreted as a criticism of Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo does not have any reproach to the treatment of his ex-partners.

The Portuguese asked that Florentino to be sincere to explain the reasons why he had to leave Real Madrid. To this day, it has not yet been said goodbye from the fans to the one, who is the top scorer in the history of the Madrid team, 451 goals in nine years. It is the image of a player who marked a time and had to leave by the back door. And he is not the first one to whom this episode happened. Iker Casillas lived a similar situation. Another one who strives and tries to show his heart that there is life outside of Real Madrid, but that one day he decided that his Madridista prevents him from attacking or disfiguring the club he carries in his heart.

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The ‘Golden Ball’ of Luka Modric

The whiff of Cristiano Ronaldo has had a response from Florentino Perez in his message at the Christmas dinner with the media this Tuesday in the Santiago Bernabeu. If Cristiano Ronaldo attacks where he knows he can do more damage, Florentino has asked the media to name who is the best representative of the club’s values. “Luka Modric represents, perfectly, the values of our players”, the president has released to remember the winner of The Best award and the Ballon d’Or. In a speech in which he stressed that Real Madrid lives in a successful stage with the achievement of four Champions in five years and still valid values such as sacrifice, delivery, solidarity, and humility. Real Madrid as the winning club of the collective and individual prizes, like the day in which Cristiano received his fifth Golden Ball and Florentino threw the ‘hook’ to Neymar remembering where it was easier to win this prize.

Cristiano Ronaldo is doing well in Italy with Juventus, a leader in the Serie A, qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, makes goals with ease, earns money and pays less tax. The Agnelli boss gives him affection, plays all the minutes with Allegri. He is in the right place to continue increasing his ego and throwing taunts, but Florentino also does well without Cristiano Ronaldo, with Modric and his Ballon d’Or.


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