Cristiano Ronaldo has negotiated an €18.8m (24.2 Million Dollars) fine with a court in Madrid over tax evasion charges.

Cristiano Ronaldo was greeted by a huge media presence outside a court in Madrid, Spain. The deal also reportedly included a 23-month Jail time but given the non-violent nature of his crime to add to the fact that most convicts serving a sentence under 2 years don’t serve time in Spain.

Ronaldo is likely to do no Jail time and instead serve the rest of his punishment on probation. The Superstar’s Lawyers had requested permission for him to attend the hearing through a video call or enter the premises in a car for security purposes but was denied permission. Ronaldo had to enter the court on foot just like any normal person and the Portuguese captain seemed to not be affected by the media attention and was seen giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

The Court hearing barely lasted minutes as Ronaldo took the deal that was offered to him by the prosecution. Ronaldo accepted the charges levied on him by the Spanish court that included evasion of tax valued at 5.7 Million euros across four different incidents between the years 2010 and 2014. The court set an 18.8 Million euro fine as a penalty for the five-time World Player of the year which he very willingly agreed to pay. No surprises there considering the Juventus forward earns a reported 95 Million Euros a year in Salary and endorsements according to Forbes magazine and is the third wealthiest athlete in the world. 

The allegations were first made in 2017 and Ronaldo’s lawyers claimed that the whole allegation was a “Conscious breach of his fiscal obligation in Spain”. The Juventus Forward’s lawyers have also gone on to say that this was all a misunderstanding over the tax laws in Spain and what was and wasn’t required by the Nation’s tax authorities.

Though the player was charged back in 2017 the 18.8m penalty was decided upon by the authorities last year just before the commencement of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. All that was pending was the signature of the Director of the Spanish tax agency and Ronaldo’s statement in which he would agree to pay the sum. Now with all those formalities completed, the Portuguese star has finally put this two-year long controversy to bed. Just goes to show how easily a celebrity of any sorts can go on to manipulate the system in any way they want to. But that’s an argument reserved for another portal, we’re just going to back to watching CR7 bang goals in for fun.

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