Mumbai [India], April 7: With 165 to chase, CSK won by one wicket, ending it with a four slammed by the already injured Jadhav. Bravo elevated the odds of them winning, scoring 68 runs in 30 balls.

CSK won the toss and chose to field which ended up being a very wise choice as the Dew set in towards the end of the match, which Rohit Sharma, captain of Mumbai Indians, greatly regretted.

CSK fans almost lost all hope after Dhoni’s wicket with a score of five runs. Bravo, however, took control. His wicket during a very vital part of the game, with 7 runs in 7 balls, almost crushed the dreams of CSK making a successful comeback. Even Dhoni was seen nervously pacing, replicating everyone’s emotional turmoil at the time.

Jadhav came in with everything to lose and led the team to victory.
This match was an edge of the seat thriller and began this IPL season with a bang!