Lungisani Ngidi, pace bowler of South Africa did the much-needed economy job of 26 runs in 4 overs and took one crucial and prize wicket of Rishab Pant.

Rishabh Pant had scored 79 of 45 balls.

In the hot run chase today, it was really important for CSK to stop the rampaging DD in their tracks. It was suddenly imperative for CSK and Dhoni to pull up a strategy to get Rishabh back to the pavilion.

Ngidi did the trick and got Rishabh to give a catch to Jadeja who easily cupped it at the boundary.

They say, one catch can win the match. This was it guys.

Vijay Shankar tried his best but scoring a target of 19 from 5 balls was a steep tree to climb.

I would say, it was a close call for CSK and Shreyas again did a lovely job for his team. It’s unfortunate he could not win the podium finish today.

Lungi finally did the trick and got the stylish player of the match award.