“Success is a poison that should only be taken late in life and then only in small doses” – Anthony Trollope.

The quote above acts like a very harsh judgment of success and although it would not apply to one and all, it certainly does to some extent, to David Warner.

David Warner gained International recognition and quickly became a household name in 2009 when he joined the Indian Premier League. He is hands down one of the most successful and talented players the IPL could have had on board. He was garnering a lot of attention and had won millions of hearts. Warner and Shane Watson had become the most sought-after opening duo in T20I, with 1108 runs under their name, setting a record for the highest.

Unfortunately for him, success came as fast as did the fall. 27 March 2018, Warner, Steven Smith, and Cameron Bancroft were charged for Ball-tampering. Warner was responsible for instructing Bancroft how to go about the tampering. This was during the third test match against South Africa. Warner was the captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad and was banned from IPL 2018. The ball-tampering scandal not only hurts his cricket standing but other aspects as well. Warner was sponsored by LG Electronics and during the same period, his renewal with the brand was due. Unfortunately for him, the brand decided to drop him because of the controversies surrounding him. ASICS also terminated its contract with Warner.

The situation was growing overwhelming and embarrassing for Warner and he took to Twitter to apologize to his fans in order to clear his image as seen below.

Despite the blacklisting and banning, Michael Di Venuto, head coach of Surrey County Cricket club had no qualms against the situation surrounding him. Thus, they would be joining the county Australian Team.

Although the cricketer is still under a ban, he is allowed to play at county level. Thus, he would be playing under the Randwick Petersham Cricket Club.

Mike Whitney, former Australian Test cricket player and president for the Randwick Petersham Cricket Club had told Warner after his ban that he would be open to him playing under the club. He is clearly delighted to have Warner on board:

“We’re delighted to have him. He’s one of the best players Australia has had since World War II,” he told the local Southern Courier newspaper on Wednesday. “He’s been speaking to one of our club officials and he has committed to the first three or four rounds of the season. Why it is only three or four rounds at this stage I don’t know” and goes onto say “Everyone is excited to have him. He will be great in the changing rooms with younger players”. Warner had been in the cards for Randwick Petersham for a long time, however, due to his very tight schedule, he was unable to be a part of it.

In addition to the excited statements by Mike Whitney, Justin Langer, the National Cricket Coach, said he would gladly welcome Warner, Bancroft, and Smith on board once their ban had been lifted. Looks like Warner sure has things to look forward to!

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