For the first El Clasico without Messi or Ronaldo in eleven years, the show was at the rendezvous.

6 goals in El Clasico, a very intense second period where for a time it was believed that Real Madrid could return. But Barcelona showed some free-flowing attacking football, the spectators enjoyed many great combinations and build-ups throughout the match, with Luis Suarez being the main star of the evening. All had fun with this game. And the icing on the cake, the decisive pass of Dembele, returned a few minutes earlier for the goal of Vidal. It was a sheer delight to watch.


The Suarez Show

Real Madrid should have been minutely aware of the Luis Suarez’s importance, as no other player has scored more goals against them from the point he changed from the red of Liverpool to the blue and red of Barcelona

The last El Clasico was all about Luis Suarez show. When he scored his first in Sunday’s epic, he rushed towards the camera and lifted up his shirt to reveal a photo of Benja, Delfina, and their new little brother, “welcome, Lauti” written on the front. When he scored his second, he ran over to give them a kiss, and when he scored his third, he ducked behind the goal at the north end and held his hand to his ear. Listen to that.

If there is a player born for the classic, that is Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan debuted as a Blaugrana at Real Madrid-FC Barcelona on October 25, 2014, almost four years ago just. Since then he has scored in this classic time after time. In the recent meeting, he again heaped misery over Madrid, time and again, and proved his worth. His hattrick actually threw Julen Lopetegui, out of business, as Real Madrid itself also. So, in the first Messi-Cristiano-less El Clasico in over a decade is noteworthy.


New iconic pair of Arthur and Coutinho

Gone are the days of Xavi and Iniesta in Barcelona. The void adequately filled, by the duo, who performed admirably in big games in which they’ve taken part since joining FC Barcelona. The balance that Valverde was looking for in the midfield was in Arthur’s right boot in El Clasico. Arthur managed to keep then pass the ball to a teammate while surrounded by Real Madrid defenders, with numbers even higher than Iniesta. After landing at the Camp Nou, the Brazilian hands out 1.03 passes per minute.

With Arthur firmly in the left interior, Coutinho freed himself as a winger. And, like last season, showcasing all his goalscorer power. The Key, when Barcelona needed him the most. Coutinho has 15 goals for Barca (10 signed last season), seven of them served the Catalan club to open the scoring. In addition, he appeared at his best in the matches against Valencia, Tottenham, and last Sunday in the classic one against Madrid. Coutinho and Arthur, both looked very lively and hungry to prove that the team can perform even when the main star is out of action.


Mesmerising form of Alba and Roberto

Jordi Alba arrived at the El Clasico in great form and erected himself as one of the main offensive weapons that Ernesto Valverde used to dismantle Real Madrid. In spite of his defensive duties, his ascents by the band and the eruptions in the rival area were a constant threat and a headache for the opponent footballers.

Meanwhile, Sergi Roberto was also a star in the classic. The La Masia product showed the world why Europe’s best clubs are clamoring to obtain his services. He started the match as the right-back and showed great determination in repelling the repetitive attacks of Madrid at attacking with ease.

In the last El Clasico, the pair was mammoth, each controlling a flank, exploiting the considerable space afforded them by their counterparts, and watching that effort translate onto the state sheet. They combined for 11 interceptions, 3 tackles and numerous partial and full-fledged scoring chances, which ultimately resulted in assists on three of Barcelona’s four open-play goals.

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