It’s now for more than six months, Unai Emery has succeeded Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. And little by little, he imposed his paw on the game of Arsenal, and to impose his style, the former PSG coach relies on and off the field. Since 1996, Arsene Wenger left Arsenal last April. 

After many negotiations, Unai Emery was chosen to take the torch and put Arsenal FC back on track. But to pass after such a figure have to be solid tactically, and to be ready to upset some old habits.

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The Arsenal board prepared this transition and put in place some in-depth changes. But from a sporting point of view, it’s Emery, the commander-in-chief. Coming for his job interview with over a hundred pages of analysis on the team, the Spanish technician already had a clear idea of what he was going to do and who he could rely on to apply his principles of play.



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His staff: The all-hazard safety

Emery did not land alone in London. In his luggage, he brought several faithful to compose his staff and put a little order in the house of the Gunners. In the first place, there is his deputy, Juan Carlos Carcedo, who gives a lot of instructions to the defensive players. He is thoroughly on the set pieces, explained an English journalist recently. Carcedo is someone who can challenge Emery intellectually, who also is very precious to him. There is also Pablo Villanueva who, beyond his appearance of a shy and reserved character, he turns on completely in the training ground. Physical trainer Julen Masach also arrived, along with Javi Garcia, the goalkeeper coach, and Victor Manas, video analyst. They all have a different personality.



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Torreira-Xhaka: The central base of the team

The Gunners coach has groped a lot in the middle. He conducted a lot of tests and analyzed the various options. Finally, a complementary duo emerged. On one side, Xhaka, responsible for healing recovery, guide to the game and give rhythm by the quality and timing of his transmissions. And then there is the warrior, a pit bull named Lucas Torreira, arrived this summer in London from Sampdoria for a sum of about 30 million euros. The Uruguayan has done a lot of good to Xhaka, who for a long time assumed a defensive role that did not suit him. He had the almost exclusive charge of controlling the midfielder, almost like a No. 6, but with qualities that the Swiss did not have.



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Alexandre Lacazette: From shadow to light

Last January, when Aubameyang signed for Arsenal, the question of the future of Lacazette was raised. At the beginning of the season, the Gabonese relegated the Frenchman to the bench. But the situation has changed. The former OL striker took the lead on the left wing. He became indispensable in the role of a complete attacker. Unlike Auba, Lacazette participates in the game, serves as a fulcrum, knows how to use the ball as it should, create and use spaces and most importantly, he makes others play. Although he is not a pure goal scorer like Aubameyang, he scored 5 goals in League this season.



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Shkodran Mustafi: The enigmatic

The German is the only player in Arsenal to have played all the minutes in the Premier League. Conversely, he did not take part in any matches of Europa League. In short, he represents the perfect profile of the indisputable holder. Emery’s tactical approach, with the idea of starting from behind, with the centrals as the first launching pad, he has an important role. Against Liverpool, where Arsenal has certainly achieved his best performance of the season, Mustafi got the ball 102 times, for 81 passes, with 93% success, the best rate for his team.



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The supporters: The cornerstone of this new chapter

When you’ve only known one coach in 22 years, it’s natural to feel exciting when a new cycle has just started. Especially when Arsenal, last year, had the worst season of the Wenger era, finishing sixth in the Premier League and eliminated in the semifinals of Europa League by the future winner, Atletico Madrid. At the end of the year, the Emirates seemed empty, but after the draw against Liverpool in early November, Emery returned to the atmosphere in the stadium. Emery also praised the support of supporters, vital to push and stimulate the players.

“I want to help the players from the bench, I want to give them confidence and transmit my energy, but the most important contribution comes from the fans,” he confessed to the press. Message received, apparently…

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