In a move that could prove to be a big blow to many sides in the Premier League, the Football Association in England have been planning to reduce the number of foreigners in each Premier League Squad from 17 to 12 from next season.

This move could prove vital and may hamper the ambitions of some big teams in the League. This move is being done to deal with Brexit and also to promote more homegrown talent in theย Premier League. Currently, 13 clubs in the League have an excess of thirteen players in their squad and many of them being title contenders. According to various reports, there are a lot of talks taking place between officials at various levels to deal with the issue and the decision is expected to be taken soon. Most Premier League clubs are against the FA and are not willing to compromise the number of Foreign players in their squad.ย 

However, if the clubs fail to reach an agreement with the FA, would be forced into facing a “no deal” scenario where all the players belonging to the EU, will have to follow the same criteria as the players from non-EU Countries to obtain a work permit to play for their respective clubs to play in the English Premier League. This would be a much more tedious and tiresome process, compared to the one that is existent now, in relation to Foreign players getting work permits. The officials believe that this is a consultation period and that they working alongside various other government departments to come to a conclusion regarding the above.

It is almost certain that if this proposal is accepted and the rule is implemented in the following seasons, then many clubs in the Premier League will find it difficult to compete with silverware. This, not only concerning domestic competitions like the Premier League, but also international competitions like the Champions League – a competition that most clubs around the globe strive to achieve. This could also play a huge role in foreign players opting to play in the Premier League. This would affect the incoming of quality players in the League, something that would intern affect the quality of the league as a whole. This would no doubt help in the growth of English players, but when we talk about a League that is renowned to be the best league in the World, quality foreign players become more of a necessity, rather than a Liability.


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