FIFA 18 World Cup Update Review: the Virtual World heads to Russia!

With the 2018 World Cup exactly two weeks away, you can feel the buzz in the air, 12 days to the greatest sporting spectacle, the countdown has begun. FIFA 18 has launched a special World Cup game mode that encapsulates the essence of the World Cup perfectly, the mode was launched on 29th May and has sent football fans all around the globe in a frenzy.

Unlike the previous editions, the 2018 World Cup mode is a free update and can be downloaded for 4.5 GB, 4.5 GB of World Cup goodness, trust me totally worth it( PS4 and Xbox One). There are no changes in the gameplay per say, “We didn’t change the gameplay for the update,” Andrei Lazarescu one of the producers of FIFA 18 told

“There are so many changes in the rest of the game, that the gameplay feels different – but it’s just a trick of the mind. The reason we didn’t change the gameplay is we wanted people to continue the experience they were having in FIFA 18 already. We wanted it to be easy to pick up and play.”

The Update is a mirror image of the real event with the exact same Groups, 12 new stadiums, Authentic chants and national crowds and even the actual advertisers of the event. Big name Teams like Italy, Chile, and the Netherlands failed to qualify for the World Cup but made the cut in the virtual world, Custom Tournaments can include a wide range of Teams, set to your preference and settings. 

With FIFA’s FUT joining the festivities, the game update couldn’t get any better. With new Chemistry settings in sync with the National teams and Legendary former Players like Klose and Ronaldinho joining the party, the update is definitely worth it.

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