Mohamed Salah, with his current form and phenomenal run throughout this year, might be Egypt’s best chance at winning the World cup. With Salah’s assurance to his fans, in a recent interview that his fantastic performance this season, “… is just the beginning”, hopes ride high on his performance for the world cup. He has scored 43 goals since last summer and does not seem to be stopping any time soon. Added to his talent, is his optimism and confidence in his and his team’s skills.  According to an article in the Guardian,

“The 25-year-old’s impact was recognized again on Thursday night when he was named players’ player of the season and player of the season at Liverpool’s awards dinner.”

This was at the awards dinner held on the 10th of May, after which Salah flew over to collect another award from the Football Writers’ Association – recognizing him as player of the year. He then posted a photo on Twitter captioned “Brace! Still time for a hattrick tonight?”

The sheer confidence that he exudes is backed by solid statistics. Liverpool is in the UEFA Finals largely because of Salah’s goals and overall performance. They have extremely high chances of winning it, which would make it their 6th UEFA Title, the most by an English Club. It is important to note that they will face 12-time title winner and the defending champions, Real Madrid in the finals. Despite this, if they win, it will solely be because of Salah.

In this context, how far will Salah be able to take his home country forward in the upcoming world cup? Salah’s performance, like any other sportsman, needs a team behind him to bring out the best in him. However, Egypt is one of the best teams in Africa, having won the African Cup of Nations 7 times. This is a record that they continue to hold. They have, however, never won a title, despite having qualified for the finals 3 times. With Salah playing this year, this could be their best chance yet, of winning the cup.