FIFA World Cup 2018, is nearing and garnering a lot of attention and excitement from fans and non-fans alike. It is a sensation. One of the most exciting aspects of the sport is the announcement of the 23-man squad that all the fans look forward to. Naturally, we expect to see the men we have followed and supported in that list, however, not always do our desires come true.

The French Team released their selected members and they are as follows:

Clearly, there is are a few important performers missing: Dimitri Payet, Anthony Martial, and Adrian Rabot.

Payet, the attacking midfielder who is supposedly “blessed with terrific technique and dribbling skills”, is known for his curve free kicks. In the 2010/11 UEFA Europa League, he won the UNFP Player of the month award. This Europa League, he has a total of 7 assists and 3 goals. He is one of the top playmakers in the French League, with a total of 13 assists. His performance with Marseille has been great and he has helped push them to the fourth position, just one point away from direct qualification. He was the part of the quarter-finals and the semi-finals.

However, despite his great performance, he was unfortunately not selected into the final set by the coach, Didier Deschamps. This is because of the injury he suffered during the recent match with Atletico Madrid. He had to leave in the first half of the match as it was severe. It is a thigh injury that will take three weeks to heal at the very least and the selected members had to be confirmed before June 4, giving not much time to coach Deschamps and Payet. It was in everyone’s favor that this decision was made, since Deschamps mentions that this kind of an injury has the tendency to relapse and it would be extremely unfortunate if it does so during the world cup, causing strain and tension to both the player and the team. He was definitely in the cards and a very important candidate as the coach mentions himself:

“He was a serious candidate for a place in the 23 but for this kind of injury it’s usually three weeks of recovery,” 

The gap left by him would cause a loss to an important role. However, France is competent and has Antoine Griezmann to rely on who would be leading the group of the attacking talent, up-front.

Fans of Payet were certainly upset, having had visualized him in the final team. Some of them considered the long going superstition about football -The trophy should not be touched before the game. A lot of them took to Twitter to express their discontent with his actions.

Fans of the game, who dislike Payet were quick in calling it a “payback” for what he did to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The case of Payet was much discussed about and indeed has gained a lot of attention, both ways: people sympathising and hating.

Anthony Martial’s case is a sad one. His performance was really good with the Premier League, having scored 9 times, assisted 5 and all in just 18 games!. The people ahead of him such as Paul Pogba are only there due to the fact that they starred in at least 7 games more than him. The reasons he is not a part of the team do not fall into his pit of faults, such as; the fact that he suffered a fallout Jose Mourinho around the same time as Alexis Sanchez arrived and affected his first-team chances. Thus, it can be said that Martial did have an unfair trial.

Popular players tend to overshadow the rest, which is a natural phenomenon, however, it does end up affect certain people’s lives. Adrian Rabiot can be considered one of the greatest assets of PSG. With 92% passing accuracy and naturally great capabilities to break into opposition lines, the 23-year-old is only improving. However, it can be said that the limelight is often off him because of the more popular and prominent MCN trio. He is definitely making is way up into the French team, but looks like this year it slipped off his fingers.

Alexandre Lacazette is another player that was missed out not in the 23 squads but in the top XI players. He is among the reserves and would not be traveling to Russia. He made his debut at the age of 19 and has been proving himself since. He was honored as the Ligue 1 Player in the year 2014/2015. However, this year the decision made by Deschamps seems unfair to this man. The Arsenal player performed really well this time, starting off by scoring 4 times in the first 6 games. Although his performance was not consistent throughout, he still managed to emerge as one of the top scorers. He scored 14 times in the Premier League.

Thus, the French team is going ahead without these men. Hopefully, next time they get a chance to prove their capability.

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