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FIFA World Cup 2018 – The Three Lions Are Finally Awake1 min read


Finally, they fell. Finally, this young team led by a fine manager who together surpassed all expectations and worked their alchemy by turning a summer blighted by political discord into a summer of love, could go no further. England’s World Cup journey was a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. We saw new heroes emerge, heroes of the future, heroes who would bear the torch of English football for years to come. And the biggest of them all was Gareth Southgate, whose human qualities, whose compassion, whose generosity, seemed so unexpected and so unusual in these turbulent times.

Most importantly, this team reconnected English Football with its fans in a time when it looked like all was lost. It had carried us away and made us believe that It was coming home, and because we started to believe it hurt even more when the dream died. It ended in a way that these things usually do. It ended with Trippier who has been one of the revelations of this tournament, limping off the pitch injured and sitting on the sideline, distraught. It ended with John Stones falling to the ground when the final whistle went as if he had been felled by some terrible blow, as if that whistle had the force of a cudgel. Welcome to England’s Desolation Row, where every now and again a brave, brave effort transports us into a dreamland and then falls just short.

Yes, we missed numerous chances in the first half of the game which could have sealed Croatia’s fate. And that is why at the end, it was the Croatian players celebrating in the stands with their loved ones, abandoning themselves with joy. But even in this moment of defeat, it is worth remembering what they have bought to us this summer, the way they restored the faith of the fans in much what lies beyond football. They have shown us what dreams are capable of doing and what hope. youth and optimism can do. But most importantly, they have shown England that with teamwork and Togetherness, a dream can be made a reality. 

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