With the World cup inching closer every day, the excitement levels are rising and the predictions are coming in. So let’s try to predict who could be the most prolific goalscorer in Russia. Here are the top 5 Contenders for the Golden Boot in Russia.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Arguably the best player in the World ( Yes Messi, I know) ok let me rephrase, one of the two best players in the World and still 5th on the list? I don’t doubt Cristiano’s abilities, its the country that’s pulling him down, though Portugal is UEFA Euro Defending Champions, I don’t see them going further than the Round of 16 if they somehow manage a dream run, well then there is no stopping CR7.

4. Lionel Messi 

Ronaldo’s arch nemesis, the two players bring the best out of each other, but their National teams lack the same firepower. Messi’s ranked higher than Ronaldo only because Argentina has a much more superior attack and could progress further than Portugal. More games, more goals, its simple math.

Don’t take it personally Ronaldo fans.

3. Antoine Griezmann

France possesses a squad that can genuinely go all the way to that Final in Moscow and lift the coveted trophy. If that happens, without a sinew of doubt, we can say that Antoine Griezmann would’ve scored the most goals. He’s the best player in the France squad and could very well take them all the way.

2. Thomas Muller

I know what you’re all thinking, Muller’s good, but not exceptional compared to the other players on the list. But let me tell you something, the German is the only currently active player who’s scored 10 goals in World Cups, The German becomes an absolute beast in the tournament and could very well become the joint highest goalscorer in World Cups. Provided he breaches the 6 goal mark in Russia. (Former German International Miroslav Klose has 16 goals as at the top of the list!)

1. Neymar

All the bookies have listed Brazil as the favourites to lift the World Cup and I couldn’t agree more. The likes of Coutinho, Neymar, Jesus, Firmino, Willian and Douglas Costa makes for arguably the best attack in the world, along with a competent Midfield and an experienced Defense. Everyone has a good feeling about Brazil this time and if they do go on to with the coveted trophy Neymar will have to fire on all cylinders. 

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