Throughout the years, the player’s playing for football clubs would have no say in how the club must function, it’s policies and who they decide to appoint, in other words, they just did what they do best – play the game.  

Those times have gone and in today’s footballing world, there are a specific few football clubs where the players have a say in the transfer policy or even the appointment of a new coach or manager.

Here are five football clubs where player power has a huge influence:

Chelsea FC

At one point in time at the London based club, manager Jose Mourinho had explicitly termed nine of his players in the squad as untouchables. But since then Chelsea are one club where player power is shown to have an obvious impact on the decisions the club makes and has shown how the power of players in a particular club has grown over the years.

eden hazard

Players like Frank Lampard and John Terry and most recently, Eden Hazard have had a huge influence on making and breaking a manager’s career at the club and it is clearly evident as Chelsea have had three different managers taking charge in the past 4 to 5 years.


FC Barcelona

Although the players at Barca do not make the power they possess too obvious, this problem is present in the Spanish powerhouse.


The likes of Lionel Messi and Pique have a huge say in the functioning of the club. There were even reports that Lionel Messi was unhappy with Luis Enrique and the club president promised the Argentine that the manager will be sacked soon. Another well-known example is that of Pep playing Zlatan on the wing to ensure that Lionel Messi remains the star in the team.


Paris Saint-German (PSG)

This inclusion shouldn’t be a big shocker. Since PSG signed Neymar from Barcelona and agreed to almost every request he made in his contract, Neymar has had a huge influence on the team. Although his performance on the pitch is not questionable, his antics off it has bought embarrassment to the club many a time. His on-field fight with Cavani and his attempts to reduce the growing influence of Mbappe has created an unhealthy atmosphere in the team, one that cannot be helped by the club or the manager, so that their star player is kept happy. 


FC Bayern Munich

Another club where the players are hugely influential is Bayern Munich. The German giants have many star players like Robben and Ribery who have a huge say in the playing style of the team and the manager the club appoints.


The most recent manager to face the wrath of the player was Carlo Ancelotti. Although Bayern won the league that year, he was given marching orders by the management.


Real Madrid CF

One club that has always been in the spotlight for this problem is Real Madrid. The champion side has had the best of stars in their team and they have had to pay the price for it.


Players like Ronaldo have a huge influence on the club and that is inevitable nowadays. It’s most evident when the same set of players fail to perform under a certain manager but suddenly starts flourishing under the new manager and have a surprisingly sudden will to play and win games.

As player power continues to grow in today’s footballing world, one can only hope that they will all remember that no player is bigger than the club itself. 

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