Today we’re at an age where having your own style and personality is essential in establishing yourself. It marks our individuality and enhances our appearance to the outside world. It has become important to carry ourselves in a certain way to impress the people around us. The same thing applies to sports players as well. Now looking at this in terms of cricket, this article talks about five players who have got the flamboyance, the style and the grace outside the cricket ground.

To begin with, let’s take India’s heartthrob, Virat Kohli who plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore. He’s a guy that men aspire to be like and women want to be with. His fashion sense based on the clothes he wears, be it a tuxedo, suit or casual wear, his fancy hairstyles that inspires his fans, and not to mention his tattoos has given him the title as one of India’s most stylish cricketers. This makes him well known for his style as he is for his batting. His stylist Designer Nandita Mahtani, says, “He is one of the easiest and inspiring persons to work with as he knows what looks good on him and is always open to trying something different.” He has also been named as one of the 10 best dressed international men in a list that includes US President Barack Obama.

Next, we have our favorite Jamaican Chris Gayle, who too plays for RCB. Apart from his success on field, he is a dude with a sense of style and a flamboyant lifestyle. His dreadlocks add to the charm and personality and make him stand out from the crowd. He rules social media and is definitely a party animal. He is bold, colorful and has a snazzy style that draws chics like a moth to a flame, making him one of the most charismatic people. On the other hand, we have AB de Villers (RCB). He’s got a calm style and is mostly seen adorning suits and a pair of sunglasses.

Being quite a showstopper off field, Yuvraj Singh knows a thing or two about fashion. When asked about it, he said, “I love looking and shopping for brands from all over the world. Fashion is something I have been studying and watching, and I really enjoy it.” He swears by comfort and believes that to be comfortable a strong personality and confidence in needed. From baggy clothes and loose jeans, Singh has developed his style to more class and finesse. His latest haircut simply adds to his charm and personality, rocking his look on and off field.

And finally we have James Anderson. A good boy gone bad, Anderson’s style statement is all about his tattoos that cover a large section of his well-sculpted upper torso. He is the ambassador for ink in more ways than one. This bad boy look appeals to a lot of people giving him quite a sexy look.
Even though the saying goes “Do not judge a book by its cover”, it’s hard to do just that when someone knows their style and fashion. These players are rocking it on and off the field, sneaking their way into our hearts and whether we admit it or not, we are smitten with the way they look.