On Monday (2nd April), Commonwealth Games Federation held a meeting with an undisclosed national contestant, on receiving a complaint from the medical commission for not disposing of the syringes as per the ‘No Needle Policy’ of the CWG.

The syringes were found at the Gold Coast Games Village which has been accommodating several nations playing in the Commonwealth including India. The Indian Boxing Team came under speculation as its doctor Amol Patil had made the error of not following the stipulated policy of disposing of the syringes immediately after use.

“Under the No Needle Policy, needles are required to be stored in a central secure location, access to which is restricted to authorized medical personnel of the CGA delegation. The needles in question were not disposed of until he had made two trips to the Polyclinic,” the CGF said.

Dr. Amol Patil had claimed to have administered a Vitamin B complex injection to an ill athlete and the following dope tests proved that no illegal substance was used.

“Upon questioning, the Doctor conceded that he was aware of the ‘No Needle Policy’ and subsequently detailed all use of needles for the period March 19 to date and co-operated in disclosing all medication in his possession,” the CGF said.

The CGF Court ruled that Dr. Amol Patil had breached Paragraphs I and II of the No Needle Policy for which he will be issued a strongly written reprimand. Further breaking of any CGF Policies by any member of the Indian Team will not be taken to as kindly.