Paul Pogba has been in the news since the time he has joined Manchester United. Let it be his performance on the field or be his transfer rumors. This time Pogba shines into the media through his inspirational speech.

We all know that Pobga is an inspiration to his teammates while on the field. However, a documentary aired by TF1 suggested that Pogba is an inspirational figure in the dressing room also.

Pogba isn’t the captain of Les Blues but he took the responsibility upon himself to lead the team from the front.

“I want to see warriors on the field guys. I don’t want to go home!”

“We will finish happy! I want to party tonight. I want to be dead on the field, all together! I want men, warriors, soldiers.

“Today we will ‘kill’them. Messi or no Messi I don’t care! We come to win this f******World Cup!”

The French No. 6 was reminding his teammates that they’re here in Russia to win the World Cup.

Juventus midfielder Blaise Matuidi was suspended for the match because of accumulation of yellow cards. Pogba used his name to boost the confidence of Les Blues in motivating them to be victorious at the end of the game.

“Today Blaise is on the bench, he’s disappointed, he’s annoyed! He wants to play more than anyone else on the pitch! He’s bummed!

“It’s for guys like him that we fight today! He’s not going to be there on the pitch, but it will be as if he was there with us. Everyone needs to bring their A game!

“And now we’re going to fight for our partners like we did before! Argentina and maybe even more! Even more! Always more! We have to beat the best to be the best!”

France went on to thrash Argentina 4-3, ending the journey of Lionel Messi and company at Russia World Cup.

Leadership quality of the 25-year-old was also seen before the final match against Croatia.

France went on to lift the World Cup for the second time in history by humiliating Croatia 4-2 in the final.

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