Sunrisers Hyderabad is on the lead on the scoreboard for IPL by giving out great performances throughout the series. However, it looks as though they are now slacking and have lost the last three matches consecutively, not only disappointing fans but also affecting their stand and net run rate. Although they haven’t fallen from their position yet, their weakness is becoming an advantage for other team members.

The subsequent loss started with their match with CSK. This was a highly anticipated match because the two teams on the top of the points table were going to have a face off. The match started off well for SRH however at a mere 18 runs and nearly just 3 overs into the game, Alex Hales was out by just making 2 runs. Deepak Chahar was one of the best bowlers of the match and in four overs, SRH was able to score only 16 runs and he managed to take a wicket. They were able to score a mere 29 runs in 6 overs. They were so slow that was only able to make 62 runs in 10 overs, which was very upsetting to look at. SRH and made 179 runs in total. They could have done much better, especially during such a match. CSK, on the other hand, took the pitch by storm by their wondrous batting and Ambati Rayudu managed a 100 not out!. Shane Watson and Ryaudu opened with a glorious 3 sixes by Watson. However, the sixes and fours did not stop with Ryaudu hitting 7 sixes and 7 fours in total. Manish Pandey dropped MS Dhoni’s ball and encouraged CSK even further. Siddharth Kaul and Shakib Al Hasan gave away 40 and 41 runs respectively. Their poor bowling resulted in the CSK win in 19 overs with a run rate of 9.47.

RCB was suffering by being at the bottom of the points table and it was crucial for them to win the match against SRH, in order to secure a place for themselves and stay in the running. RCB’s reputation was shoddy this time, probably, making SRH overconfident. It is well-known fact that RCB’s batting lineup is categorized as one of the strongest and this time, they indeed proved themselves. Although Kohli and Parthiv Patel were out without making any significant differences to the scoreboard, AB de Villiers and Moeen Ali certainly did make a great score! a grand total of 107 runs over 57 balls. However, with Rashid Khan onboard, they did not manage to get too far. Nevertheless, apart from the 19-year-old, it appeared as though no other bowler was up to the mark and Basil Thampi was highly disappointing by letting slip 70 runs in 4 overs. Shakib Al Hasan wasn’t up to the mark at all either. On the other hand, the RCB bowlers were doing a relatively better job than SRH and pulled the team through. Dhawan was out at 18 by Yuzvendra Chahal. Alex Hales was ousted by De Villiers by his breathtaking catch. When SRH was about the turn of the tables, Williamson was ousted by Mohammed Siraj. Tim Southee successfully curbed their win in the final overs.

The third match that SRH consecutively lost was against KKR. This was a must-win if SRH wants to keep up its reputation. SRH started off good, however, it soon began slacking by the 8th over, one of the most promising batsman till then, Shreevats Goswami was out and leaving SRH at 79-1. Not a loss they cannot recover from. However, Russell who caught Goswami caught Williamson too. Although his bowling was not exceptional, it appears as though his fielding most certainly was. Dhawan who was going great until now gets out just three overs after Williamson by an LBW. This is where the fall of risers begins to happen. 15 overs down and a score of 140 was not what we were expecting, it’s slightly disappointing. Eventually, almost every over after this, one player gets out and the team is all out by the 20th over. When KKR starts batting it’s a spree of fours until the 3rd over when Sunil Narine is caught out. However, no other damage is caused to the batting until later in the 13th over when the second wicket falls, giving them enough time to Chris Lynn and Robin Uthappa to balance the scores. Sandeep Sharma‘s bowling is disappointing as he gives away 30 runs in 2 overs. Although SRH does take down 5 of the opposing team’s men, their good play compared to SRH’s slacking game makes them win the match. 

Thus, it can be said that SRH were out of form for these three matches and it did cost them. Their Net run rate would drop and although they haven’t fallen off the top, it has affected the fans’ nerves and is proof of their weaknesses which might be aimed at again if they do not cover it up. All the best SRH!

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