Without even realizing it, we are affected by colors and are constantly responding to their presence around it. Our feelings, thoughts and even actions are sometimes a constant reaction to the colors around us. Colors are given extensive thought in advertising and other consumer-based things – clothes, posters, bags, etc. I have to say that it has a definite impact on team spirit and confidence when the right colors are chosen for a jersey or a team poster. It is important for us as fans and followers to be able to associate an encouraging color to our favorite teams.

Let us have a glance at the IPL teams and their selection of colors for this year. Now, each color chosen has an importance and associates itself with something. The team leading the charts this year is undoubtedly Sunrisers Hyderabad. Their Jersey is Orange = Enthusiasm and Black = Power. Wow, sounds like a pretty interesting combination. We can see the spirit of sport surging through them and clearly they exude power which has led them to reach the top and achieve such success.

Looking at the team second highest from the top – Chennai Super Kings. It is a mix of Yellow and Blue. That I feel is certainly a combination that looks soothing to the eye and stays with one. It is different and yet not too harsh. Yellow gives a sense of optimism. The color blue deals with calmness and also a sense of trust. Now, when optimism and trust go hand in hand, one does do feel confident as a fan!

Kings XI Punjab has certainly tried hard to make it’s way up the table and we should certainly be commending them for their hard work. I especially like their jersey because it has a unique combination – Red and Silver. Red talks about raging passion and Silver exudes a sense of sophistication. The overall colors and feelings might be personified as typical femme fatale from a Hollywood film – the red lipstick and the silver gown. It is indeed a powerful combo.

After KXIP, Kolkata Knight Riders stand in the race. Their jersey color has a lot of similarity with that of its predecessor. However, I find this a little more rich and powerful. The purple gives out a sense of control and coupled with the richness of golden it makes them appear Royal. It is a combination that exudes power and victory, easily grabbing the attention and the trust of people.

Mumbai Indians follow a similar color as KKR. The combination does not stand out as much as KKR. However, it does leave an impact on people’s mind. It is calmness combined with richness, which dilutes the strong sense of power but leaves a sense of trust and faith behind.

Now, Rajasthan Royals third from the bottom used to have a very similar jersey to the two above. However, this year they added a lot of pink with the existing blue. Pink relates to playfulness and joy and is coupled with the calm blue. Clearly, the pink is more prominent and stand out more, making us feel excited and interested.

Royal Challengers Bangalore has been disappointing fans this time, however, I would definitely stand in for their jersey and could go on to say that is on my list of favorites. It is a very common combination in the real word – Red, and Black, but no other team seemed to have thought of it. Red, as mentioned before talks about passion and Black deals with Power. I’m impressed. They have used a very simple trick that has been around for so long – placing two strong colors together that complement each other aesthetically. It certainly makes people feel that have a stand and they are here for serious play. Hopefully next year they stand by their colors.

Last but not the least, Delhi Daredevils. Complementing their title, the color of the jersey was indeed a daring choice. I wouldn’t have thought it would have worked. But it came out good. Although not in the top, it definitely works. Red and Blue are usually dealing with different emotions and thus placing them together to create a mixed emotion. But the darkness of the blue does balance things out and it makes them look like a healthy and strong combination of calmness and passion.