The line above is what Virat Kohli said when they lost the most crucial match for Royal Challengers Bangalore against Rajasthan Royals. During the post-match talk with Captain Kohli, he sounded, upset, hurt and disappointed too. RCB has been struggling a lot over the past years and not once have they won the cup. They continually keep reaching the finals, however, never make it. It is indeed, utterly painful to merely watch, imagine being a part of it all, especially as the Captain. It is easy to blame Kohli, as it is easy to blame the team. Honestly, they were both at fault, but there were reasons behind this fall.

Kohli said the following once RCB lost their last match:

“Guy like AB who’s got the ability to hit 4’s and 6’s was knocking it around. We needed more smart decision-making there.”

“Guys were just not up to the mark and that’s disappointing to see because it’s not something that should be repeated by five, six guys in a row. One or two guys are okay, the others should apply themselves and that wasn’t the case tonight”

“So we need to be more smart about how we compose our team as well” “The bulk of the scoring responsibility and the stress cannot be on a guy like AB all the time” “Guys need to step up at the right times” “We suddenly want to take up the responsibility but there have to be contributions at important stages and one occasion was tonight where AB still scored runs and apart from him, others around him didn’t show enough composure” 

This can be considered a tad bit hypocritical. Being the captain of RCB, or of any team for that matter, he should be able to take ownership of the losses the team has suffered. With a rarity of ‘my mistakes’ and an abundance of ‘ours’, it appears as though he might be shifting the blame, although he has as much hand in it as others do. When the weight was on him to perform, he got out at a mere 4 runs, upsetting basically everyone. He is in charge of the “decision making” in the group, which probably wasn’t very well done this time.

Delving into individual matches, one can see that Kohli himself was slacking but and was scoring mere 12 runs and 18 runs, something even down to 4 and 8. It appears as though Kohli was falling against spinners like Ravindra Jadeja and Amit Mishra, which was historically not Kohli’s big problem.  Ajit Agarkar, an expert an ESPN Cricinfo says “I haven’t seen Virat Kohli struggle against spin so much or generally to get starts in this season. The fluency has been missing a little bit, whether it’s lack of cricket before coming into the tournament I’m not sure. But it’s not been the same,”. Last year, the 29-year-old was unaffected by spinners but this year, he most certainly was ousted by them.

But to give him a fair trial, Kohli is one of the finest chasers that the Indian Cricket teams possess in its arsenal and one of the best batsmen in the world. AB De Villers is also another fabulous batsman who’s ability to tackle different kinds of balls is simply wonderful. However, it can be said that team’s load tends to be heavily borne by these two men. No denying that players like Moeen Ali did perform well, however, it was not enough. When it came to even fielding which is not essentially their forte, they proved their merit by taking the most catches out of the 20 players of RCB. In a way, his feeling about the people who underperformed can be justified to an extent. Kohli questions the making of the team as well and for the right reasons. ABD’s recent jump and catch event garnered a lot of attention and fans were absolutely in love with him as can be seen by posts on Twitter.

It has been proven time and again that RCB’s middle order is one of the weakest. The players covering up for them in the middle order are supposed to be all-rounders and in charge of at least saving the team in its fall. Players like Colin de Grandhomme, Washington Sundar, and Corey Anderson were unable to be successful with either the bat or the ball. This can be confirmed by what Kohli said: “We wanted to strengthen that middle order, which hasn’t probably been our strength for the last three years and something we need to look forward to next season and the season ahead as well”. RCB has a record of failing during crucial matches. They have reached the semi-finals but have never been able to win and something very similar occurred here.

Hopefully, RCB can make better decisions right from the auction to the performance and their slogan “Ee saala cup namde” (This year we will win the cup) comes true!

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