The Indian Premier League is going into its 11th Season and with the Auction only 24 hours away it’s time to watch the hammer go down again.

The IPL Auction has held some significance among Indian Cricket and in that very auction room dreams, and potential for so many Indian cricketers have been realized.

To put things in perspective and to make you realize the importance of this day let’s go back to the 2015 Auction. The auction will be remembered for Delhi Daredevils shelling out a mammoth 16 Crore for Yuvraj Singh but on that very day a certain lanky 22-year-old boy from Vadodara was picked up at a meager 10 Lakh by the Mumbai Indians, and that acquisition would go on to be almost invaluable for Indian Cricket. If you haven’t guessed already, Hardik Pandya was that young Gujarati boy who was picked up for peanuts by the Mumbai Indians but has gone on to become an integral part of not only his franchise but also the Indian Cricket Team.

That’s the beauty of the IPL, and that’s exactly what the auction unearths year after year. We have always seen the big match International players like the likes of Yuvraj Singh, Ben Stokes, and Glenn Maxwell have always gone on to make the big bucks in the past but it isn’t always the big money players that make the auction special, it’s the fact that so many of these uncapped young players with bags of potential are given the opportunity to realize their dream. It’s almost romantic in a very cinematic way, a player works relentlessly in domestic cricket and strives to go under that hammer. That’s the funny thing about Auction day, while marquee players get all the attention, in hindsight, it’s the domestic players that make this tournament tick.

The prominence of the Indian domestic players is, even more, this time around with a lot of the prominent International Players expected to take a back seat owing to the World Cup in June. Expect the franchises to spend the big bucks on some domestic talent and a whole new set of dreams will be realized and as cinematic or ‘filmy’ it sounds like it is a day where players don’t go under the hammer it’s the player’s dreams and aspiration. So, on the 18th of December when there would be household names making the headlines but maybe scroll down and have a look at a few of those young names, you may be staring at the next big thing in Indian cricket.    



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