We have officially reached the business end of the tournament and all four games this weekend can play a part in determining who makes it to the Playoffs and who doesn’t. RCB, MI, KKR, KXIP, and RR all five sides have a chance to qualify.

So Find out what your team needs to do to qualify! 

No. Team Played Won Lost Tied Points NRR
1 SRH_LOGO 13 9 4 0 18 +0.319
2 CSK_LOGO 13 8 5 0 16 +0.220
3 KKR_LOGO 13 7 6 0 14 -0.091
4 MI_LOGO 13 6 7 0 12 +0.384
5 RCB_LOGO 13 6 7 0 12 +0.264
6 RR_LOGO 13 6 7 0 12 -0.403
7 KXIP_LOGO 13 6 7 0 12 -0.490
8 DD_LOGO 13 4 9 0 8 -0.288

Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Fixture: Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Net Run Rate: +0.264

 This is a must-win fixture for RCB, win and they’re in pole position to qualify courtesy of their superior run-rate.

To Qualify: 

1. Either Kolkata Knight Riders or Mumbai Indians lose and RCB are more or less through, provided they win.

2. If RCB can ensure that they win by a huge margin, they would virtually seal their spot and not be dependant on other teams. 


1. If RCB loses they are knocked out with no chance to qualify.

2. If RCB wins, KKR win and Mumbai win then KKR is through as they will be on 16 points and depending on their net run rates either Mumbai or RCB will qualify. (MI NRR: +0.384)

3. If RCB wins, KKR wins and Mumbai loses but Kings XI Punjab beat CSK by an enormously big margin, RCB will miss out. (KXIP NRR: -0.490)

4. If RCB wins, KKR loses and Mumbai wins but Kings XI Punjab beat CSK by an enormously big margin, RCB can still miss out

Mumbai Indians:

Fixture: Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians 

Net Run Rate: +0.384

Like RCB, Mumbai also is in a must-win situation if they want to book their spot in the playoffs. Mumbai Indians have a superior run rate thus they have a high probability to qualify if they manage to win their game.

To Qualify:

1. Either KKR or RCB will have to lose, which would virtually seal Mumbai’s spot, provided they win

2. If Mumbai wins with a good margin they would certainly make things easier for Mumbai as they have a healthy net run rate. 


1. A loss would mean MI is out of the race for the Playoffs.

2. If MI wins, KKR wins and RCB wins then KKR is through and it will boil down to MI and RCB for the last spot and Ne run rate will come into play. (RCB NRR: +0.264)

3. If MI wins(by a small margin), KKR wins and RCB loses by a huge margin to Rajasthan Royals then either RR or KXIP (If they win by a huge margin) may have a chance to qualify and take MI’s spot based on their respective net run rates.

4. If MI wins, KKR loses and RCB wins, Kings XI can still qualify and take MI’s spot. 

Kolkata Knight Riders:

Fixture: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Net Run Rate: -0.096

KKR stand a chance to qualify irrespective of the result of the game but would seal their qualification if they win. In other words, KKR’s qualification is in their hands first, if they fail to win then the permutations and combinations will come in.

To Qualify:

1. Win against SRH and KKR is through to the Playoffs.

2. KKR loses, they have a negative run rate so qualification would then depend on the other results.

Shortcomings: ( Any probability of KKR not qualifying will have to feature KKR losing their last game) 

1. KKR loses, MI win and RCB win then KKR is out ( MI NRR: +0.384 & RCB NRR: +0.264)

2. KKR loses, MI win and RR win by a huge margin either RR or KXIP can qualify depending on their net run rate. ( RR NRR: -0.399 & KXIP NRR: -0.490 )

3. KKR loses, MI loses and RCB wins and KXIP wins by a big margin, KKR will be out.

Kings XI Punjab:

Fixture: Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab

Net Run Rate: -0.490

Kings XI Punjab has a very slim chance of qualifying because of their poor net run rate and will now have to win against CSK and depend on other results to go their way. 

To Qualify:

1. KXIP will have to win by a huge margin against CSK as they have the worst net run rate out of the probable teams, then hope that MI and RCB lose as their run rate is way more superior when compared to KXIP, then the two teams with the best net run rate out of RR, KXIP and KKR i.e Assuming KKR lose (if KKR win they’re automatically through and KXIP and RR will fight for the last spot)

2. KXIP can mathematically still qualify if MI and RCB win their games, provided they beat CSK by an exponential margin. 


1. A small margin victory will mean that at least two results need to have big margin defeats for RR, MI or KKR for KXIP to have a realistic chance. 

2. A loss would confirm their exit.

Rajasthan Royals:

Fixture: Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Net Run Rate:  -0.399

Rajasthan Royals like the Kings XI will be heavily dependant on other results to go their way.

To Qualify:

1. RR beat RCB by a good margin, MI lose against Delhi and hope that KXIP doesn’t win with a better run rate than them.

2. Hope to mathematically stay alive with really really big wins.


1. If they lose they’re out.

 2. A small margin victory will mean the end for RR, Unless KXIP, KKR or MI suffer a huge margin loss.

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