⚬ Mourinho’s antics on the touchline not appreciated

⚬ Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand criticise Jose

⚬ Mourinho tries to deflect with emphasis on CL Record

Jose Mourinho has been the torch bearer for controversies over the last few Seasons and the United Manager continued saying statements that enrage fans and pundits alike. 

Mourinho’s Constant statements deviating from the Team’s performances and talking about his personal achievements in the past is getting on the nerves of Manchester United Legends, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes. The Red Devils were honestly lethargic, lacked drive in their game against BSC Young Boys on Tuesday, the last minute winner from Marouane Fellaini ensured United got the win and Mourinho could continue being his cocky, self-absorbed self.

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Jose Mourinho was Criticised for not talking about his team’s Performance and having a constant urge to talk about his achievements in the Past almost behaving like a certified Glory hunter. Some people believe that this is an attempt at one of his famous mind games and in some skewed Reverse Psychological manner, Mourinho is trying to motivate his players into performing better while others feel its just Jose’s ego and extreme sense of narcissism reflecting at the surface.

Mourinho’s statement about his personal achievements in the Champions League have been doing the rounds.

“For some of my lovers, I just want to say for the ones that like stats: 14 seasons in the Champions League. 14 times qualified through the group phase. The season I didn’t play Champions League I won the Europa League.” 

Now, this statement expectedly angered Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes, both believed that Mourinho’s comments constantly glorifying his past cannot forgive him for his present. United are a Club in transition and Jose Mourinho needs to ensure that they’re competing on all fronts.

Paul Scholes Said 

“It’s always ‘I’, ‘I won the Champions League, I won the Europa League’. Last time I looked football was a team game.”


Similarly, Rio Ferdinand didn’t hold back either, 

“What he’s done is taken it away from the poor performance and brought it back to himself, which is understandable if you want to take it away from that aspect of the game, but why do that? Just look at your team. Your team are not playing the way they’re expected to play. They’re not entertaining us. I can’t sit here and say this team is entertaining us.”


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