Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, claims that Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Juventus have been the best three teams of the last decade. 

The former Barcelona man uncannily ignored Real Madrid, who have won four Champion League titles in the last five years, with three of them coming in as many years. Guardiola’s side, who managed a 5-0 win over Burnley in the fourth round of the FA Cup on Saturday, are alive and kicking in all four competitions this season. However, despite being in such a favorable position, the Catalan has always denied the possibility of winning an unprecedented quadruple in English football.

Following Saturday’s win, the reporters once again asked the Catalan about the prospect of winning a quadruple, but he chose to set his team an even tougher challenge.

“I’ve said many times,” Guardiola replied when asked about the prospect of bagging an unprecedented quadruple, as quoted by The42.

“I know you are so generous and thank you so many guys, but every time you make that comment we lose a competition. I think you provoke me in that way. It’s important now that at the end of January we are still there. At the big clubs, that is a big difference.”

“I’ve said many times: what are the best teams in the last decade? Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona. These are the three best teams in Europe. Why? Because every season they win the league, every season they win the cups, every season they are there. Because they are the best.”

“We can — not get close to them, because it’s difficult – but imitate them. Being in the competition until the last stages. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not, but be there. That’s what I want. Premier League, until the end. Carabao Cup final back to back? Chapeau, hats off to my players. Cup today, we win the game and get through. Prepare for Schalke (in the Champions League round-of-16). That is when you become a better team and a better club.”

“The best teams have to imitate these three teams, not the other ones.”

According to Guardiola, the best is all about being persistent, and he wants his side to be just the same.

He added: “When I said Bayern Munich, Juventus, Barcelona are the best, it’s because it doesn’t matter what happened before, they go again. That’s the most difficult thing. Win one title, two titles, that can happen. But that consistency, every three days for 11 months during 10 years, that’s what I respect and admire the most. That will be my dream. Every single game and competition we try to do that. And so far, we have done it.”

The reigning Premier League champions have been enduring quite a hectic schedule lately. Guardiola, however, has urged his team to enjoy the “privilege” of playing so many important matches.

He added: “When I prepared the schedule between Arsenal and Chelsea, we had eight days. Today I wake up and suddenly we play Everton in between. I cannot give a day off. We have a lot of games, so no way. It is what it is.”

“But at the same time, I tell them it’s a privilege. If you believe it’s a handicap, that’s a big mistake. It’s a privilege. When you are 35 years old you can have long holidays. No problem, you will be retired. Take a year for holidays. But for now, it’s a privilege. Take it, enjoy it. Next one, win again. The competition doesn’t matter. Friendly game? Win again. Play good, prepare well. That’s the only way. After, you work for the next season,” he concluded.

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