Leonardo Jardim signed a two-and-a-half year contract with Monaco on Friday. He took the office on Sunday, accompanied by his technical staff. 

The Portuguese coach returned to his coaching seat, 108 days after being dismissed. Jardim will lead the first match of his second life in Monaco on Tuesday, in the semifinal of the League Cup in Guingamp.

After the dismissal of Thierry Henry on Thursday night, AS Monaco formalized its successor the next day. As expected, the club chosen to entrust the reins of the team to Leonardo Jardim dismissed on October 11, 2018, after more than 4 seasons at the club and winning the French League Cup in 2017, a few weeks after a Champions League Semi-Final.

Vadim Vasilyev, the club’s vice president, and CEO in a statement said,

“Our club is going through a very complicated time today, and today I am ready to declare that I bear full responsibility for it. We are forced to conclude that we sold too many important players during the summer transfer window and despite considerable resources invested errors were committed to replacing them, that has not helped to compose a new competitive team. The dismissal decision of coach Leonardo Jardim was similarly taken too prematurely.”

The vice president also highlighted about Thierry Henry.

He said, “A football legend but the unfavorable circumstances, and especially many injuries of the players, did not allow him to quickly and effectively get his team out of the crisis. I would like to thank Thierry Henry to have taken up this challenge and tried to coach the team of his home club during a difficult period. It would probably have taken longer to implement what was planned. But unfortunately we no longer have the time and we must act and react immediately.”

Thierry Henry posted a message on Twitter. “I sincerely hope that my successor will get the team out of this situation.” He acknowledged “a great sadness” at the idea of leaving “this wonderful club”.

“I believe very strongly in these players and in the fact that the team, with its last reinforcements, is now ready to face the second part of the season, to chain a series of good results and to reach its potential”. Thierry Henry concluded, “I wish everyone the best for the future, starting with success in Dijon, then why not a win in the Cup to make us again a European club!”

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