Regarded as two of India’s favorite cricketers, Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni has a lot going for themselves outside cricket. Their interests are definitely not singular. Although cricket may take up a lot of their lives, these extracurriculars are a way in which they contribute to things that are not just cricket. These are players with interests in fashion, football, charity work etc.

To begin with, MS Dhoni (CSK), one of India’s most successful cricketer, always in the public eye has invested in sports apart from cricket. He is a co-owner of Ranchi Rays, a hockey club based in Ranchi. Furthermore, His love for bikes has led him to co-partner with Akkineni Nagarjuna in the supersport world championship where his team Mahi Racing Team took part. His love for football has also led him to be the co-owner along with Abhishek Bachchan and Vita Dani, of Chennaiyin FC, who take part in the Indian Super League.

Apart from this, he has also established his own brand. In February 2016, Dhoni launched his lifestyle brand  SEVEN and he owns the footwear section of the brand, along with being its ambassador. He is also in the advertisement field, promoting various products like Pepsi.

Next, Virat Kohli playing for RCB has invested in his second favorite sport, which is football. He is the co-owner of the  Indian Super League club  FC Goa. When asked about it, he said, “I want football to grow in India”. He further added, “It’s a business venture for me for the future. Cricket’s not going to last forever and I’m keeping all my options open after retirement.” In addition to football, he also became a co-owner of the  International Premier Tennis League franchise  UAE Royals, and, in December that year, became a co-owner of the  JSW-owned Bengaluru Yodhas franchise in  Pro Wrestling League.

Apart from sports, his interest lies in fashion as well. In November 2014, Kohli and Anjana Reddy’s Universal Sportsbiz (USPL) launched a youth fashion brand WROGN. The brand produces men’s casual wear clothing and has tied up with Myntra and Shopper’s Stop. Kohli has also acted in many commercials, endorsing various brands like Pepsi, Munch, fair and lovely and many more. In March 2013, Kohli started a charity foundation called Virat Kohli Foundation (VKF). The organization aims at helping underprivileged kids and often organizes charity events to raise funds.

Two players, both loved by their country have done so much off the field for the game they play and for other sports. They truly are an inspiration to the country.