There are whole generations of Espanyol fans who will have nightmares with Lionel Messi. He is already the player who has scored the most goals in the whole La Liga in its history. 

It is also true that millions of football fans will remember Lionel Messi because there is no other like him, he cannot stand any comparison. If he is motivated, he is practically unstoppable and capable of resolving a match by himself. He is practically the leader, prosecutor, judge and executioner of a team.

Messi has fallen off the Golden Ball podium and even Pele reminded, “Only shoots with one leg, has a dribble and does not nod well” – when asked a comparison with Maradona. For propaganda purposes, he might be an expired poster and, when he does not win the Champions League or the World Cup, he is considered a minor footballer before Modric, Cristiano, Griezmann, and Mbappe. The feeling in the market is that Messi is ‘less Messi’. Right now he figures as the fifth best player in the world according to the list of France Football. The voters and the administrators forget about the day to day, the days of the League, the qualifying stages and the derbies like that of Cornella-El Prat.

Messi is for those who like football, those who go to the field and those who do not get up from the couch when they put on television, and not those who award the prizes, repeatedly seek their successor and fear what will be Barca without their talismanic number 10. He does not retire or retires at 39 as Di Stefano, more than anything because today at 31 he is an offbeat hero of Barcelona.

The party was already inclined on Saturday towards Barcelona when Messi decided to show his true worth. Valverde’s team had the ball while the locals were looking for a counterattack with the quality of Darder or Melendo and the flashes of Borja Iglesias. It was more a purpose, a theoretical idea, much more than a reality. They never took it to practice. Without being able to deepen, those of Rubi bet to endure. Very few times they went to do the pressure up. But how much can you put up with Barcelona if Messi has risen up with enthusiasm?

Messi scored in the 17th minute, from a free-kick. For Espanyol, It was like a sin to make a foul on the edge of the area, right on the right side, where he likes. Diego Lopez is tall and if he stretches his arms a lot, he takes up a lot of space. But he was helpless in front of the Argentine great.  After the first goal, Messi removed emotion to the encounter. Every time he touched the ball, something happened and the Espanyol trembled, that surrounded him, threw him, but did not dry him. His pass to Dembele for the Frenchman to score the second was wonderful. There was a mess in the front of the area, with Messi haggling and falling, all looking towards there. Except for him, on his back, just standing up, he had already seen Dembele alone. For the others, it was a discovery, for him a confirmation.

There was nothing more to do as Espanyol felt helpless since then. They only appeared at the beginning of the second half, when they had already received another goal through Luis Suarez, big when he enters the area, able to find gaps between the legs of the goalkeeper, too fortunate. But far from being satisfied with a brilliant start, Messi continued on during the whole match and ended up confirming his display with another goal of a gem. On this occasion, showing off his technical variety, he shot from the left wing of the Barca attack. With his double stop set, the Azulgrana already accumulated 27 goals in the league this season.


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