Sparks fly every time they face on the field. Both star in the so-called Northwest Derby, but in reality it is the classic of English football par excellence. Not in vain, we are talking about the two most successful clubs in England.

Manchester United – founded in 1878 under the name of Newton Heath LYR Football Club – and Liverpool – created in 1892 by a businessman named John Houlding. Two historical rivals, two heavyweights not only of English football but also of the world, with five European Cups for the club of Anfield and three for the Red Devils.

For many it is the biggest rivalry that exists in the British island and the fans of both clubs consider it more emblematic than the local derby they dispute, Liverpool does against Everton and Manchester United has to see the faces with the uncomfortable neighbor, Manchester City.

The Eternal Hatred

One of the main reasons why there is so much hatred among fans is the proximity between the two cities, as they are only separated by 56 kilometers. The arrival of the industrial revolution began to originate a tension both economic and industrial. Liverpool became the economic capital of the north and was one of the main ports around the world during that time, thanks to the production of cotton, however, in Manchester were located the large fabric factories in England.

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The Manchester Ship Canal

The citizens of Manchester decided to build the Manchester Ship Canal. In this way they could prevent the merchandise from going through Liverpool first, to later arrive in their city. This did not please the Liverpool businessmen, who immediately opposed the construction, but they could not do anything and in 1894 the canal was finished, which gave rise to a historical rivalry between these two cities.

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The Early Rivalry

Months after the completion of the construction of this channel, there was the first match between these two teams, on April 28 and 1894. Liverpool won 2-0 against Newton Heath, the name in which Manchester United was founded. Although at the beginning there was a lot of hatred between both the set of fans, it was still not called a classic, it was at the end of the 20s, that it began to be considered as such.

With the arrival of Matt Busby to the bench of the Red Devils, in 1945, the rivalry reached another level. Busby had been an iconic player for Liverpool from 1935 to 1939 and was coach of Manchester United was not something that pleased the Reds fans. Manchester won 2 leagues during the 50, time that the fans of the port want to forget since from 1954 to 1962 they were in the second division.

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Liverpool’s Golden Age

Bill Shankly was the person responsible for taking Liverpool to its former glory, once the returned to England’s first division, it took him two years to win the championship. From the 1963 season to 1967, these two clubs shared the English football titles, with which the hatred between the supporters began to grow more.

For the next two decades, Liverpool had their best time in history, and they won 11 league titles, 3 FA Cups, 4 league cups and four European Cups. While Manchester United did not have good results and their best achievement was to beat the Reds in the final of the FA Cup of 1977.

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Alex Ferguson Knocking Liverpool Off Their Plinth

In the 80s, these games were stained by the shadow of the Hooligans that hurt English football so much. Although it was during this decade that Sir Alex Ferguson became the coach of the Red Devils which changed the history of the team forever. With the creation of the Premier League, in 1992, it was the turn of Manchester United to have its golden age. They won 13 titles of English football and 3 Champions League. Although Liverpool did have a joy that could rub his rival, by defeating Milan in the final of the Champions League in 2005, for many experts, some of the most dramatic finals in history.

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2018-19 Season

This classic promises a lot, Jurgen Klopp has Liverpool playing at a high level and fans are starting to get excited about the possibility of lifting the first Premier League title. For their part, Manchester United has suffered at the beginning of this campaign, but the presence of Jose Mourinho always generates expectation, so next Monday in Anfield we expect a match that nobody can miss.


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