Luka Modric is a model and also the most important player in Croatia’s team, however, he has held his talents to his team’s service. He is also the only Croatian to score the most goals. He has played the most passes and most through balls. He has completed 2.7 key passes per game and ran a total distance of 63Km so far. So if Croatia does win the Finals, Modric will be the key reason behind the victory.

With all his success, he has had his share of hardships during his childhood. Dec 1991, Luka was only a six year old when the Balkan wars took place. The Serbian army had begun its attack on Croatian villages. During this time, Mordic’s family were fighting for their survival. He had to face the shock of witnessing his grandfather’s murder at the age of six. As the crusade continued, the family moved to a refugee camp.

When asked about it, he said “My whole career, when I was in Croatia, people questioned me, saying I wouldn’t make it, that I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t big and strong. But you have to understand something about Croatian people. After everything that has happened, after the war, we are stronger, tougher. What we’ve been through was not easy. So when people said I wouldn’t be able to cope in the Premier League it just gave me an extra incentive. I wanted to prove them wrong and now, I think, they have to admit they were wrong.”

Modric got his inspiration from Ronaldo Luis, the Brazilian legend. He was often judged for his petite physique and was considered weak and shy, characteristics that didn’t fit for a football player. But Modric always believed that he could make in football. He is one of the best diminutive midfielders today. He carries a great vision of 4.2 million Croatians in the finale of 2018 FIFA world cup against France.


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