Real Madrid and Croatian Midfielder, Luka Modric picked up the Best men’s player award while Brazilian International, Marta was named as the best Women’s Player. Modric was touted to win the big award after having almost a near-perfect Season with both Club and Country. The Croatian led his Nation to the FIFA World Cup Final, though the Croats finished as Runners-up Modric was awarded the Golden Ball in Russia. With Real Madrid, Modric went on to win his 4th Champions League title against Liverpool and remains the fulcrum of the Los Blancos’ Midfield.

Modric has broken Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s dominance at the FIFA Best Players awards which goes all the way back to 2007 when Brazilian International Kaka had won the award. It’s commendable that Modric won the award as a creator, as a midfielder, and has broken the trend of only Forwards taking the award home. Modric beat 5-time winner Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah to the award incidentally,ย Modric beat Salah and Ronaldo to the UEFA Player of the Year award as well.

Modric looked absolutely thrilled upon receiving his coveted prize and the 32-Year-Old said “This award is not just mine. It is my team-mates from Real Madrid and Croatia. Without my coaches, I would not have won this and without my family, I would not be the player I am today,”

Modric’s Croatia Manager Zlatko Dalic showered his Captain with praise and went on to call Modric “my assistant in the field”. Dalic further addedย “Luka Modric is the captain of my team, he’s the best player in my team and in the world, and he deserves this award,”

Modric Thoroughly deserved this award and it’s good to see a refreshing to see all types of players being appreciated. Luka Modric is the best player in the World and no he doesn’t need to bang in 40 Goals a Season to prove that and you know why? because While Messi and Ronaldo find the back of the net it’s a player like Modric who creates those opportunities, week-in-week-out.ย 


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