The biggest takeaway for Manchester United fans after the clash against Tottenham Hotspur wasn’t the fact that they had lost or played a bad game, it was the fact that the players have lost faith in Jose Mourinho. United were poor against Brighton & Hove Albion but were pretty impressive against Spurs, especially in the first-half. United created a decent amount of chances, had more possession but were not clinical in attack and were extremely leaky in defence. An instance that came to mind to reiterate the fact that Jose and Manchester United don’t have things going there way was when Romelu Lukaku did everything right, went past Hugo Lloris and missed an open goal.

The Problems are just piling on for the Red Devils. They weren’t particularly bad against Spurs, but it seems like the Players and Manager are not United, pun intended. There are a lot of factors at play here, Mourinho and his third Season taboo, a poor Transfer Window, dejected players and most importantly the approach Manchester United seem to be taking.

So let’s talk about Jose Mourinho, Yes he’s a top-class Manager but being arrogant, disrespectful and Negative will get you nowhere. Mourinho demands too much from his players, seems negative and autocratic while doing it. It’s probably why his players get burnt out physically and mentally by the third Season and just stop responding to his methods.

Mourinho isn’t a Manager who develops Youth talent, he demands a certain standard from his players and if they can’t perform they’re out. Mohamed Salah and De Bruyne are a testament to the fact that no matter how much potential a youth player has, it’s unlikely that he’ll perform under Mourinho. So the Board needs to back him if he wants Toby Alderweirald they need to get him Toby Alderweirald. Give Mourinho the players he wants and he’ll win you the League. Sure you can argue that a majority of the Players at the Club were brought in by him but if you don’t rejuvenate your squad over the Summer the players will get complacent.

The Fact of the matter is that the Board, The players, and Mourinho are all at fault in some way or another and the Club needs to understand that. It is highly likely that Mourinho will face the sack and Jose may very well take Manchester United down with him.


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