Manchester City’s behind the scenes documentary, titled All or Nothing: Manchester City aired on Amazon Prime video on the 17th of August and admirers of the game have been going ‘Gaga’ over the documentary, except Jose Mourinho of course. The Documentary takes us into the Previously unseen world of Pep Guardiola’s record-breaking Manchester City team that took the Premier League by a storm last Season. City ran away with the Premier League title winning a record-breaking 100 points and also won the Carabao Cup. 

Here are our 5 Reasons why every Football fan needs to watch this Documentary.

Guardiola’s “Pep” talk

“I Know you want to win, but you have to learn to play Football with Courage” Just one of the many lines that gave me goosebumps. Pep Guardiola is a shrewd tactician and one of the best Managers in World Football but to see what makes him one of the best is pretty marvelous. The Spaniard is inspiring yet simple, he furiously criticises his players when they are in the wrong but is the first man to appreciate a good performance. Manchester City were truly phenomenal last Season and were undoubtedly the best team in England. Pep Guardiola was the glue that kept the team together.

City’s support staff

The Heart and soul of the team has got to be Manchester City’s support staff. Especially the kit man, Brandon Ashton. Brandon’s sheer presence lit up the screen, his camaraderie with the players and the staff was a delight to watch. A scene that stood out for me was when Brandon accompanies Club Captain Vincent Kompany in a Cyrochamber to help Kompany out with his recovery process. A hilarious scene which perfectly showcased the “Family” environment at the Club.

Inside News and Trade Secrets

Man City star Midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne revealed why he left Chelsea and we got some good insider news, “I got my chances in the first few games and I thought, okay, things are going well, I play okay… but then one day it stopped.” 

Furthermore, we got a sneak peek into how a big Club like Manchester City approaches Transfers and the Method to the madness. Why big moves for Virgil Van Dijk and Alexis Sanchez fell through. Football gossip at its peak.  

Brilliant Representation of the United-City rivalry and that dreaded week in City’s Season.

Manchester City and Manchester United are arch Rivals, and the representation of their rivalry was top class. The documentary brilliantly encapsulates what Football means to the Mancunians and the value the game holds in their lives. The Rivalry is fierce and intense, that’s what makes it all the more beautiful to watch.

Manchester City had a shambolic week in their Season that saw them crash out of the Champions League and miss out on sealing the Premier League title early against bitter rivals Manchester United all in a span of three games. In the episode titled “Welcome to hell,” we can see City at it’s Most Vulnerable and that humanizes the seemingly invincible team.

The candid moments with the Players

The Camera crew captured some candid moments with the players over the length of the documentary. John Stones dressing up as Bunny on the Golf course, Benjamin Mendy’s Face-Time madness, Fabian Delph’s “Babe’ talk and My personal Favourite Kompany and his Father-in-Law’s banter. Vincent Kompany’s father-in-law is ironically a Manchester United fan, and they incidentally watched United’s loss to West Brom together, the game that handed City the title. Absolute Gold.


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