Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City have been so consistent and are probably the most entertaining team not only in the Premier League but in the World.

Manchester City, Surprise Surprise is two points clear on top of the table, unbeaten and has a +29 Goal Difference in 11 games. Phenomenal.
Pep Guardiola revolutionized Manchester City and played some of the most breathtaking and scintillating Football the Premier League has ever witnessed. Now, the 2017-18 Premier League Campaign is always going to be a special one for the Blue side of Manchester, a statement of intent that announced the rise of a new Global Football giant. 

What makes Manchester City even more special is the fact that they haven’t lost the intensity and swagger they discovered last Season despite having greater expectations to perform this year. But expectations and pressure don’t seem to be affected by any of it. If anything, The Defending Champions look hungrier this Season and despite a few Injury problems to Kevin De Bruyne, Claudio Bravo, and Vincent Kompany City are going strong. The “Cityzens” have scored the most Goals (33), Most Wins (9), Most Clean Sheets (7) and Most Shots (229). Even though Liverpool and Chelsea are unbeaten too and aren’t far behind, but at this rate, Manchester City may just run away with the title again.

One Peculiar thing that has happened this Season is that while Manchester City are going from Strength to Strength a lot of the “Big Clubs” around the World are not able to maintain their usual consistency. The Likes of Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and even Barcelona to some extent haven’t lived up their ‘World Class’ status. But Manchester City, on the other hand, Have been absolutely phenomenal. It may be a long shot, but I think it’s safe to call Manchester City at least a contender at the “Best Club in the World” title.

The stats present itself and so do the results, Manchester City became Champions and were 19-points Clear in undoubtedly the hardest Top Flight League in World Football. They have started this Season in a similar fashion and may just run away with a title again. The only thing lacking from their repertoire of Achievements is that elusive Champions League Trophy. The “Cityzens” have a relatively young team and the fact that the Likes of Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane, Bernardo Silva, and Kevin De Bruyne are already hitting top form works in their favour and gives them a lot more time to build that team that can dominate England and Europe for Years to Come.

Guardiola’s side can achieve all this and more. Like the Spaniard said in the Documentary ‘Manchester City All or Nothing’, “You need to Learn to play Football with Courage”, they are doing exactly that and this Courage can take them to true eternal Football Greatness.


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