Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has taken it into his stride to prove Spanish manager Pep Guardiola wrong. The midfielder was sold by Pep whilst at Barcelona and they didn’t look settled at Manchester City either. Since Pep arrived at Manchester, the City legend has struggled to get game time and has been dropped at the expense of inexperienced midfielders.

But Yaya is fired up and ready to prove Pep wrong. His agent revealed that he has decided to run his contract down and move to another Top-6 club in England to show the Manchester City fans that he still has some football in him. He will be available as a free agent and has decided to play for €1 per week in England, even though he has received big money offers from clubs across the globe. He believes that Yaya will be a great addition to any team with his experience and skills at a time where the clubs are spending huge amounts of money on players.

Yaya has accused Pep of discrimination and says he wouldn’t have done the same with someone like an Iniesta and that it has led him to a point where he starts to think if it’s because of his color. He believes that playing in England would not only prove his worth but will also “destroy the Pep myth”. His agent even made an audacious claim that the “The African Curse” will prevent Pep from winning the Champions League with Manchester City.

This shocking new development might prove to be a thorn in city’s title defence. This would be very beneficial for their rivals. If he signs for any of the top six, he would prove to be a game changer, especially for arch-rivals Manchester United, as he has in the past revealed his desire to play alongside the likes of French International, Paul Pogba and what a boost this would be for their city rivals. His war with Guardiola might actually be his ticket to make his dream team, a reality.

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